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Tuesday, July 03, 2012
Teaser Tuesday #5
So, I missed last Tuesday. Sorry about that, but since I put up the new cover for Family Scandals, I thought today I'd give you an excerpt from it.  Enjoy!
“Were you not close to your brother and sister while growing up?” [she asked.]
“I was close to my sister, but my brother and I did not grow up together.” They had reached the hedge bordering the garden, beyond which was the meadow in which Caroline had fallen the day before. He turned to look at her and she noticed that his brown eyes had gold flecks in them. “Surely you’ve heard the tale by now?”
She shook her head. “Only the gossip of the servants, but some of what I have heard is difficult to credit, so I confess I haven’t believed much of it.”
She wouldn’t admit to him she knew even more than what she had heard through the servants. A conversation she had overheard in the stables at Houghton Hall eight years ago now made more sense in light of the bits and pieces the servants knew.
White teeth flashed in an approving smile. “Beautiful, and smart too.”
Corinna blushed and turned away. At the rear of the garden, on a slight rise, she sat on a bench positioned under an elephant standing on its hind legs.
“You must be curious,” he probed, seating himself beside her. “I have never met a woman who wasn’t anxious to know the most juicy gossip.”
She didn’t bite. “I confess I have found some of the facts curious, but gossip implies it will be passed on, and I have no interest in that.”
He was surprised, but her next statement revealed more to him than she intended. “Besides, who would I pass it on to? The children?”
Marcus looked over at the woman beside him. Her bonnet hid her hair from view, but he remembered fine gray eyes shielded by long, dark lashes, a smooth porcelain complexion, and a mouth made for kissing. For a moment, he let himself fantasize about kissing those luscious pink lips, then brought himself up short. Good God! Home less than two days and already lusting after the governess. What was wrong with him?

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