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Tuesday, June 05, 2012
Tuesday Teaser #2
Another teaser from The Scarred Heart. This book garnered a starred review from Library Journal. To check out that review, just click on the link on the right side of the page under Reviews for The Scarred Heart.

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She rose gracefully to her feet. Distant and cool. He often thought circumstances and situations made people what they are, and he wondered what had caused Emma to become the exact opposite of the bright, engaging, curious person she’d once been.
Crossing the entryway, he asked Riggs to send for his coach then entered the salon to wait. Emma followed.
“I will keep in touch and have Jamie write.”
She came to his side as he spoke. “Thank you.”
“I do not want to make life difficult for you, Emma,” he said, “but someday we must come to terms with the fact that we are married. My parents will not be at Edenvale forever.”
“I know.” Her voice softened.
He turned toward her, his hand rising to touch her cheek. It was as soft as he remembered. Surprised she did not move away, he ran his thumb over her bottom lip. The green of her eyes darkened, yet she continued to stare up at him as if mesmerized. When her lips parted, he took it as an invitation and lowered his head.
He hesitated just shy of her mouth, expecting her to back away. Instead she lifted her face and touched her lips to his. He nearly groaned. For a long moment, he savored the smooth, mellow taste of her as his hand slid to the back of her neck and pulled her closer.
Delving deeper, he ran his tongue across her bottom lip then slipped it into the warm, moist cavern of her mouth. She tasted of fruit and wine. Sweet. Intoxicating.
Exploring gently, his tongue rubbed against hers in invitation. Her response nearly shattered his control as she kissed him back. Tentative at first, she grew bolder, inviting him to deepen the kiss as his arms went around her.
His confidence soared when she let out a low, breathless moan and melted against him. Gathering her closer, he was aware of her breasts pillowed against his chest, her thighs intimately pressed against his despite the layers of clothing.
If Riggs had entered the room minutes later, he might have found them doing more than kissing. As it was, Emma stared up at him in shocked disbelief when Riggs’ discreet cough pulled them apart.
“I will be but a moment,” he said to the butler before returning his attention to Emma. “You are not as indifferent as you would like me to think, Emma.”
“Perhaps,” she murmured. “But perhaps I wanted to discover something for myself.”
“And what would that be?”
She stepped away from him. “That I was no longer the wide-eyed innocent girl who trusted you for protection.”
“You may be right. But then again, I’m no longer that idealistic youth, blinded by a pretty face and lush body, who believed in the marriage vows we spoke.”
She turned away, straightening her posture and lifting her head as she walked toward the hall. “It’s time for you to leave. You don’t want to keep the horses standing.”
He crossed the room to her side as she reached the door. Putting his hand over hers, he looked down into cold, green eyes.
“Despite what you want me to think, you aren’t as disinterested as you seem.”
“I have become what your family made me. How you choose to interpret that is entirely up to you.”


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