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Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Teaser Tuesday #4
Today's excerpt is from The Scarred Heir, my January release. Enjoy!

The woman moved and lifted her head. He opened his eyes as she stilled.
He had a fleeting glimpse of pale blue eyes widening in horror before his warm cover scrambled to her feet. The loss of her heat was like a dash of cold water.
“Who are you?” He smiled and kept his voice even, trying not to frighten her off before he gleaned some needed information.
Frantic hands reached up to her hair, hiding its brightness from view. She stared at him in shocked silence for a moment before replying.
“J-Jessie.” She began backing away. “I-I’m sorry if I disturbed you. You-you had a fever and I…”
“Then I must thank you for your assistance,” he replied quickly, hoping she wouldn’t flee. “Would you remind me of just where exactly I am?”
She stopped retreating and dropped her hands to the scarf she wore around her neck. “You’re at the Old Road Inn northwest of Newcastle. You arrived last night with a gunshot wound to your leg. The doctor said you’d lost a lot of blood, but you would mend. You have to stay off it for at least a week.”
“I see.”
He could still sense her nervousness, but she hadn’t retreated farther, so he was heartened by that. “I suppose I should introduce myself,” he began.
“I know who you are, my lord.”
The sudden hostility in her voice stopped him cold. Curiosity compelled him to ask, “And who am I?”

The Scarred Heir is available from Samhain Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and most other ebook outlets.

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Don't forget to check out other Teaser Tuesday posts. If you've posted a teaser on your blog, feel free to leave a link in the comments until I get a widget set up. Here's the link to Nancy Brandt's blog with her Teaser.

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