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Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Teaser Tuesday #3
A quick teaser from The Scarred Heart before I run off to a meeting.

Lion moved to stand beside her. For a few moments longer, both stood silently staring out the window at the broad sweep of lawn. Lion broke the silence.
“Are you ever going to talk to me, or do you plan to continue this standoff for the rest of our lives?”
It was a valid question. One she knew needed an answer.
“I don’t know,” she replied. “Before you showed up at Calderbrooke, I planned never to return.” She turned to look up at him. “I had already decided if Jamie wanted to know more about his father’s family, I would tell him once he was old enough to make the trip alone.”
Astonishment crossed his features. “But that would have been years from now. My parents, certainly my father, might never have seen him again. Did that not occur to you?”
“Of course it did.”
The door opened behind them and she turned to see Riggs enter with a tray.
“Cook says she’ll have a simple luncheon ready for you shortly,” the butler said as he set the tray down on a low table.
“Thank you,” she replied, moving to seat herself before the tray. “And thank Cook for her efforts, please.”
Lion followed after the door closed behind Riggs. He seated himself on a chair opposite her, watching her pour a cup of tea and add milk and a small amount of sugar to it. She settled back to sip her tea and watched him finish off his glass of port.
She was getting too accustomed to being stared at. Her hands barely shook under Lion’s steady gaze, something that would not have happened even a week ago. Her heart, however, was still racing. Indignation was a powerful stimulant. She raised her chin and stared back at him.
“Are you going to answer my question?”
She took a sip of her tea while she mulled over a response. Telling him no would only frustrate him and possibly cause him to press harder. Telling him the truth would do the same, so why not?
“Truthfully, I didn’t care whether your parents ever saw Jamie again. In fact, I was hoping they never would.”
Taking another sip of tea, she closed her eyes against the storm brewing in his. Even as she did so, she questioned why she was being deliberately cruel. When had she become so callous? So indifferent to the wishes and desires of others? Especially the family who had taken her in and raised her.

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