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Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Are You Building A House of Cards?
Today is release day for The Scarred Heart, but instead of posting a promotional post, I have turned over the blog to Joanne Troppello. So, without further introduction, let's give her a warm welcome as she talks about promotion.


Do you have a solid plan for promotion of your books—one that is not building a house of cards, which can fall down with the slightest negative wind blowing—or one that is building a stone house with a solid foundation. You need something indestructible to the negativity that will surround your writing career. So let’s break it down into key steps you can take to build that solid foundation.

The first step is branding your name, not your books. Of course you need to promote each book you write—but your fans are not going to always be able to spout off the titles of all your books, but if they like your work and if you’ve become popular, they will remember your name. If they know your name, they can easily find you online or in the bookstores. When they find your website, then they can look up your books. When they go to the bookstores, they can find your specific titles.

A second huge step towards building a solid foundation is to blog and be the best blogger you can be. How do you do that? Content is KEY. If you don’t have good content, then you won’t have return visitors and you won’t attract new visitors to your blog. Make sure you have a great title which explains what your blog is about—what your purpose is. When you write your own blog posts, try to make the titles, questions rather than statements. You want to pull readers in and questions (especially good ones) usually beg to be answered. The other reason I use questions in the blog titles is because I used NetworkedBlogs and they get linked directly to Facebook and Twitter. For the purposes of Twitter, that works well because tweets are short and that question plus the link will really stand out and get people’s attention. If you don’t think that you have enough content to blog every day, invite guest authors to post or be interviewed for your blog. Have blog parties. Post reviews of books that you review. You can even connect with readers and encourage them to post guest blogs or be interviewed as well.

Social media has changed the way that authors are selling and promoting books. With the advent of Facebook and Twitter and before that, other sites like MySpace—authors have brand new opportunities opened to them. They can more easily communicate with readers now and “meet” new prospective readers online and have FREE ways to get their promotional information out there. My first book was published 8 years ago (not that long ago) and things were even drastically different then regarding using social media for marketing. For more information check out my post on Utilizing Twitter the Right Way.

Networking with other authors is highly effective. We should not think that going it alone in our journey is going to get us very far in our careers. Authors do need other authors in their lives. I’m a strong proponent of working together—especially if I want my blog to succeed—which helps promote my name—which will in turn increase my brand recognition—thus increasing book sales. Since I have always been open to having guest authors on my blog (which helped me with new content and helped them by giving exposure), it’s paid off. I have had many authors reciprocate and offer me guest spots on their blog.

Last but not least by any means, you need to get in touch with readers. Make yourself available to respond to all (or as many as possible) of the comments on your own blog posts which readers post. Also, when you guest on other blogs, keep to the same method of connecting with readers. As I mentioned earlier in this post, I have invited readers to guest on my blog and also be interviewed.

Authors, what are your thoughts? What promotional methods have you found to be useful? Readers, are there any promotional techniques that authors utilize which you dislike? I’d love to hear your opinions.

Joanne Troppello is an author of romantic suspense novels. She has published three books: Shadowed Remembrances, Mr. Shipley’s Governess and Bella Lucia. Currently, she is working on her new writing project, The Paradise Redeemed Series. Joanne is married and loves spending time with her husband and family. She enjoys interacting with readers at The Mustard Seed Blog.

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Blogger Katalyn said...
I'm not very creative as far as Marketing goes, but my favorite method is a book trailer, which continues to get hits, and (hopefully) encourage viewers to buy my book.

Blogger Wendy S. Hales said...
I think the biggest thing I push in marketing is familiarity with MY name. Ultimately that is the brand.

Blogger JoanneTroppello said...
Denise, congrats on the release of your new book! Thanks again for hosting me today. :)

Katalyn, I think book trailers are great for marketing. Wendy, agree wholeheartedly with marketing your name as the best option. Thanks so much for stopping by. :)

Blogger stanalei said...
Great tips, Joanne. Thanks for sharing these with Denise. I'm working on my brand and first blog site. This information is really helpful. Best of luck to both of you on lots of sales.

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