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Tuesday, March 20, 2012
According to my calendar, today is the first day of Spring.
According to my weather clock, it is currently 36 degrees, but should climb to 49 today.
According to me (looking out my office window), it is sunny with a few fluffy clouds.

Of course the mountains I can see from my window are still covered in snow, and I was reliably informed (by my assistant youth leader who skipped church) that the skiing last weekend was great. I'm just glad he didn't break anything.

This has already been an unusually warm Winter - and not just where I live. Friends across the country have told me they are still looking for Winter in their area. Although there is snow in the mountains here, and the skiing has been pretty good here, our water forecast for Summer is not looking good. We just didn't get enough snow this Winter. I'm hoping that Mother Nature doesn't compensate by sending us more rain than we can stand.

So, what about your neck of the woods? Did you have Winter, or is it feeling like Spring has been here since January 1? With the forecast for this coming weekend being in the 70s, I'm wondering if I should be breaking out the shorts and sandals come next week.

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