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Tuesday, January 10, 2012
A great day!!
Short and sweet. Don't forget there are two great things happening today:

1. It's Pitch Day at Sweeter Romantic Notions. For more information go to my blog post here or go to the SRN Yahoo Group. I'm sending lots of good vibes to everyone pitching. Good luck!

2. It's Release Day for The Scarred Heir. If you haven't checked it out yet, do so. Once again, here's the blurb:

Double trouble—with a twist.

Two months. Just two more months and Sarah Standish will be twenty-one and free to come out of hiding. Not long ago she was on the brink of marrying the man of her dreams—until she discovered his complicity with her uncle’s plan to gain control of her missing father’s substantial fortune.

A wounded man appears at the inn where she lives under an assumed name, and she’s shocked to discover it’s her would-be groom. He seems to have no memory of her, yet her traitorous heart remembers.

Max Dayton awakens from a fevered dream to find a vengeful angel hovering over him. When he realizes she’s mistaken him for his twin brother, his protective instincts kick in. There must be some reason his brother assumed Max’s identity…and some connection to this dazzling beauty and the father she insists is not dead.

In a quest to untangle the twisted trail of lies that threw them together, Sarah and Max journey to London, where the mystery grows darker and deeper. And the fragile beginnings of love are threatened by a secret someone would kill to keep.
Product Warnings: Contains a war hero, runaway bride, jealous twin, greedy uncle, and a good reason to check names before proceeding. At least the dog knows who is who.
Buy it here
Samhain Publishing
Amazon Kindle
Barnes & Noble Nook

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