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Sunday, July 25, 2010
Leaving on a jet plane. . .
So, tomorrow morning I fly out for Orlando and RWA Nationals. I'm excited as usual for the conference. I expect it will be a different experience and I am looking forward to it. This will be my third conference. At each one, I held a different "status" so my experiences were different.

2004 - Reno - This was my very first conference. Even though I'd attained PRO status only months before the conference, there is no doubt I was a complete "newbie." I knew nothing about RWA - I'd only joined months before. Because of a contest win of a critique by one of my favorite authors, I went hoping to meet her in person. She'd written at the bottom of my sub asking if I was going and suggesting we meet. Unfortunately, the meeting never happened. I was a little disappointed, but it didn't detract too much from meeting new friends and enjoying all the sights.

2008 - San Francisco - I came back from Reno energized to learn all I could about writing. I joined the local chapter and met some of the best people. I even met a local author who was a favorite author of mine. I had no idea she lived in my neck of the woods. In SF, I was a PRO and the conference experience was on a different level. I got myself a pitch appointment with an agent who represented both the genre's I write in. I have since decided it was a mistake. One of the rules I'd lived by since I first learned about pitching, and subbing, and trying to get an agent or editor's notice is that I would not pitch or sub anywhere with an unfinished manuscript. Well in 2007 and 2008, I did just that. In October of 2007, I won my chapter's Golden Pen award and the editor that judged the category asked for the full manuscript. The only problem was that it wasn't finished. Then I went off to RWA in SF and pitched another manuscript to an agent who asked for the first three chapters and a synopsis. That manuscript was also unfinished. So, now I had two requests and neither book was done. I felt like an idiot and promised myself never to do it again.

2010 - Orlando - So, this year I will be attending as a member of PAN. I'll let you know how it goes and whether it, too, turns into a very different experience. I'll bet it will - and I'm looking forward to it.

Update on Edward's story. My editor finally got back to me on it, but she rejected it. I will be meeting up with her in Orlando and find out if she thinks I can salvage it by tweaking some things. I have to admit that I sat down and read the first five chapters tonight and realized it was not that good. I'm glad she rejected it. Let's just hope that we can brainstorm some possibilities for an extensive re-write.

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