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Sunday, June 13, 2010
Windows 7 - Arrrgh!!
So, I haven't been out here in ages. At least not since the beginning of the Spring Showers Promotion in May. But, I have an excuse (don't I always?). I've been fighting with my computer. Here's the saga:

Back in July of last year I had to buy a new computer. My old one just wasn't going to hold out until I could get one with Windows 7 loaded on it. I had been told all kinds of horror stories about Vista (my old one had XP on it) and also told (by someone who beta-tested Win7) that it was much, much better than Vista and people would love it because it had all the bugs worked out that Vista apparently had, and so on. So, I wanted to wait. No go.

So, I bought a new computer. It came with Vista and a free upgrade to Windows 7 when it released. I was prepared to hate Vista and wrestle with it, but, surprise!, it was easy to get used to and I had NO problems with it. So, when it came time to upgrade to Win7, I wasn't certain I wanted to. But, I got the CDs and put them in my desk. I put it off and put it off. Vista was working just fine, why should I change now?

Finally, I capitulated and followed the instructions down to the letter and loaded Windows 7. And, guess what? My computer has not worked properly since. I get error messages in programs that never gave me a bit of trouble before. It won't let me load new programs. Or it partially loads the programs then quits in the middle and tells me that it hasn't loaded anything (even though it has).

I have had specific trouble trying to load Word Perfect Office X5. I have WPO X3 on my machine. It worked just fine. Even after the upgrade, it worked fine - for about a month. Then it started throwing out random error messages. So, I decided maybe I needed to upgrade to X5 because maybe X3 wasn't compatible with Win7. No such luck. WPO X5 won't even install.

To top it all off, last night after wrestling with the computer all %*#& day, I gave up and tried to reload Win7 because the machine kept telling me that a file was missing that was on the Win7 CD. I couldn't find the file, so I thought maybe if I just reload it, it will reload that file too. I should have known better. Before I did that, I backed everything up, uninstalled WPO X3 and X5 (an hours long adventure editing it out of the registry since the machine insisted it wasn't loaded in the first place, so wouldn't let me uninstall it the usual way).

Finished re-loading Win7. Tried installing WPO X5. The machine said "No." OK, then I'll just reload X3 and deal with the X5 problem another day. Once again, not only "No." but "H*&^ NO!" and it froze the machine. So, since I use WP for writing, and I have to have it on my computer, I dug out an old copy of WPO12 and it loaded just fine.

If anyone else knows what's going on, I'd love to hear it. As it stands, I'm this >< close to taking the computer back to where I bought it and telling them to wipe it clean and reinstall Vista and they can take Win7 and. . .ok, I know it's not the store's fault, so I won't be quite so crude. But, if I take it off, I WILL NOT put it back on!

Rant over.

And, by the way, THE EARL came out June 1 in print!! I now have all three books in the series on my shelf and they look wonderful. Thank you to all my wonderful fans who have purchased them. :~D

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