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Monday, April 05, 2010
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. It's always a little crazy at church on Easter Sunday, but it's wonderful to see the children dressed in all their new finery. Of course, I'm partial to the little girls (maybe because I remember how much I loved having a new Easter dress as a child).

So, why is the title of this post 'Embarrassed'? Because, I've lost something and can't seem to find it anywhere. Last Friday, a reader contacted me through my website to ask me about signed bookplates. I don't normally do them (have never tried), so I thought I'd look around and see if I could possibly create some. Well, I decided it wasn't something I could do in a timely manner, so this morning I went out to find the reader's email to respond and I can't find it anywhere. It's not in my email (I was pretty sure I hadn't deleted it), it's not in my trash, it's not anywhere. Frustrating.

I always make the effort to respond to everyone who contacts me, but this person won't get a response. So, I'm embarrassed. Hopefully, she'll try and contact me again. Otherwise, she'll just think I ignored her. Oh, well. In the meantime, it will drive me crazy wondering what happened to that email.

Have you ever lost something that you absolutely know you have, but cannot find it? That's the way I feel with this email.

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