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Friday, September 04, 2009
I'm pretty sure I said this before, but I'm always surprised at what reviewers pick up on in a book - as well as what they either don't understand or don't figure out. On the other hand, most of the time, I tend to agree with reviews. Celia Yeary, on her blog this week, talked about what reviewers look for when reading a book for review. It was very interesting and worth a second or third read through.

So, I got two reviews this week. One for a book no longer available, and the other for my newest release. Although one was much better than the other, both were very interesting and fairly close to accurate.

The first one came in on Monday. It was for my newest release, Gypsy Legacy: The Earl. Reading it, I could hear the reviewer's frustration because she hadn't read either of the earlier books. Having tried to look at the book objectively, I understand. As an author, I struggle with what background information is necessary to repeat in each book and what information is merely extra and unnecessary. Obviously, some of the background information I chose to cut from this book during edits was necessary for someone unfamiliar with the previous two books. So, it received 3 angels from Fallen Angel Reviews with the following comment:

The Earl is a historical romance set in a deep, developed world. It is the third book of the Gypsy Legacy Series and cannot be read as a standalone. Having not read the first two books, I was lost.

On the other hand she did like my heroine and acknowledged that the plot had interesting and unique twists to it. I'll take it. Read the entire review.

The second review I received last night in my email. It is for Strikes Don't Matter, my second Inspirational novella, which is no longer available. The reviewer at The Romance Studio gave it 5 hearts and this wonderful commentary:

Denise Patrick does a fine job building this tale of a journey towards greater faith through a love that takes chances. Gina is a good woman who practices her faith more than she gives herself credit for. Other people like her friends and family see that. She just can't see it in herself. . .Gina's parents and brother aren't afraid to let their faith show in their everyday lives, even in crisis. Adam's grandparents are a hoot with their repertoire of give and take towards one another when they're obviously very much in love.

Of course, I agree with every word, but what struck me is that she saw Gina as she is - complex, and with a faith that Gina, herself, couldn't see, but others around her could. She also saw through the good-natured bickering of Adam's grandparents to the love beneath. Not everyone sees that in older couples, so I salute her for her insight. Read the entire review. And, if you would like your own copy of Strikes Don't Matter, I have a few paperback copies left. You can contact me either through my website or at the address in the bottom right corner of this blog.

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Blogger amber polo said...
I love it when reviewers "get" something in one of my books.
And am confused when a "tongue in cheek" part is criticized as if it were serious.

Blogger Denise Patrick said...
So very true. Thanks for stopping by.

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