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Monday, July 13, 2009
Happy Birthday!
Today my baby is 20! How did that happen?

Like many mothers, I suppose I remember him as that toddler who had more energy than the sun and seemed to be everywhere at once. So, in honor of my baby boy, here's my version of "I remember. . ."

I remember the funny things - like the two year old who announced in church one Sunday that something was "impossible." What he said had nothing to do with church, but it garnered attention because of the size of the word and the size of the kid who said it. And there are the pictures of him: in the dishwasher, positioning a small chair near the sink and climbing up on the back of it to reach the faucet, "cleaning" the toilet at 18 months (cleaning is relative here - he had the brush and it was in the toilet and he was moving it around with all his might), and riding his first bike with training wheels at three (at breakneck speed down an uneven sidewalk).

I remember the sobering things. Being "kicked out" of two different daycares (he just had too much energy and was stubborn to boot), the kindergarten teacher who really "got" him and showed him that school and learning could be fun, but retired after his kindergarten year and was killed in a car accident a few years later; the first grade teacher who also retired after his first grade year; and the second grade teacher who "didn't get" him at all and caused us to remove him from school and homeschool him for the next four years.

I remember the heart-stopping things. The time I just happened to notice the back of a blood-soaked shirt on a two year old who wasn't crying, and couldn't tell me how he managed to hit his head and end up requiring three stitches; the one year old who had no fear, whether it was heights, stairs, or a swimming pool; and the one day old who nearly inched his way off a hospital bed while the doctor watched.

I remember the heart-warming things. The cuddler, who loved to crawl into bed with me and snuggle in the mornings; the five month old who took out two Christmas trees - with a big smile and could open the refrigerator from his walker ("No, I don't need any eggs right now."); and the four year old who went to a Halloween party as Thomas the Tank Engine (my sister made a cardboard cutout for him to wear over his overalls) and let an entranced two year old stranger wear the costume for most of the night.

So, to my amazing baby boy, I say Happy Birthday!! I love you and wish you all the best.


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Blogger Lyn Cash said...
...and a belated Happy Birthday to the 20-yr-old.

ack - they grow up so fast...and we just can't be that old. neither can they. blink...and tomorrow becomes ten years.

that's why it's important IMO that we cherish every day.

hugs to mom & son.

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