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Monday, April 13, 2009
Well, I made some progress this week on my goals from last week. I added over 1,000 words to my current WIP. Unfortunately, that's still not an entire chapter. I seem to be working in starts and fits lately. I definitely plan to do better this week. My plan is to write "The End" before I head to Germany on May 9.

As for the other project - the bibs for my friend's new grandchild. Well, I got all but the last one embroidered, then my machine kept breaking the thread. So, I will see if I can figure out what's wrong and finish the last one this week. Then I discovered I didn't have all the colors of ribbing I needed to finish the neck openings. So, here are pictures of the finished towels - by next week I hope to get the necks done so I can mail them before I head to Germany, too.

This first picture is of all of them. I took them with my phone, so I don't know how well they will show up. The "I love mommy" one is a close-up of one of the patterns, as is the special one I made for my friend. I should have taken a close up of the one with the keys on it. That's the yellow towel and that pattern is one of my favorites. I make it with varying colors for every baby I make bibs for.

Have a great Monday!

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