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Friday, April 24, 2009
Free-for-all Friday
Once again, not much is happening in my life. Nothing worth writing about anyway.

I took today off work. I just needed some "me" time - and time to finish embroidering some towels for the dinner and auction fundraiser this Sunday at church. I have to admit that sometimes I wonder why I continue to contribute since I don't necessarily agree that the group the fundraising is for needs to go on a trip EVERY Summer. On the other hand, I like to support the different groups and causes in the church because I like helping people - period. So, I'll be embroidering two complete sets of kitchen towels (7), and a bunch of singles that will be sold separately. I'll post pictures on Monday if I remember to take them.

Changing tracks, I've been experimenting with creating banners. I finally found a place on the web that makes it easy to create them. It's called Check them out. They are easy - and free. Below is the most recent banner I created - and it took me less than an hour. What do you think?

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