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Tuesday, April 07, 2009
Die Wieskirche

In the Alps of Southern Germany, outside the small town of Steingaden sits what is probably Germany's most beautiful chapel -- The Church in the Meadow (Wies=meadow, Kirche=church). It's official name is The Pilgrimage Church of the Scourged Savior, named after the small statue which had been set up as an icon on the side of a road, which is said to have wept real tears. When the story spread, pilgrims came from far and wide to witness the miracle and to be cured of their ailments. The local bishop realized quickly that a space needed to be built where the pilgrims could worship and pray, so the church was commissioned.

Built from 1745 to 1754 by Dominikus Zimmermann, it is decorated inside in the elaborate rococo style. Despite it's exterior being very plain and unassuming, the interior is a feast for the eyes. I visited it a very long time ago - I was probably about 10 - but have never forgotten its beauty. Below are some postcard pictures I still have. I scanned them so the quality isn't great.

For more information and pictures, check out the Wieskirche website, the Wikipedia entry, and another site I found with more pictures. Enjoy these beautiful pictures and I hope you will get a chance to go there someday, too.

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