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Wednesday, March 18, 2009
World Vision
Have you heard of World Vision? They are a Christian humanitarian organization working to eradicate hunger in our world. Every year they sponsor the 30 Hour Famine - a worldwide youth event where teenagers go without food for 30 hours and raise money to help end hunger. This year our youth group will be "doing the Famine" for the eighth year. Each year we have grown in the number of kids participating. We started eight years ago with only four kids. This year, there will be twenty-two.

As we learn about different areas in the world that the funds we raise help, we are reminded that everyone is a child of God. That we are to see people through God's eyes, not our own. For that reason, I love this song by Brandon Heath. It reminds me to cut through my own biases and prejudices and try to see people the way God does. When we can do that - and doing the 30 Hour Famine helps the youth to make the effort - we will see that we are all God's children and heirs of his promises.

If you would like to help World Vision, you can visit my daughter's 30 Hour Famine pages on Facebook or MySpace to learn more. Even if you don't donate to her, find another group that participates and "join in". It's an experience you will never forget.

God Bless

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