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Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Traveling Tuesday - Ireland
I've never been to Ireland, but my hubby has. Long before we met and married, he took a vacation to the Emerald Isle. And, since today is St. Patrick's Day I thought I'd post some pictures from his trip. Since I wasn't there, I don't really have anything to say about them, so you can do your own imagining. I will tell you, though, that he's not a "tourist trap" type of traveler. He tends to love the countryside.

This is a stream near Killarney. If I was a writer of paranormals, this would make an excellent place for the entrance to either a fairy world or a world of trolls.

Also near Killarney. A much more peaceful place. I could imagine this place as a trysting place for my hero or heroine. Maybe even a nice spot for a little skinny dipping.

Thoor Ballylee in County Galway. William Butler Yeats' summer home during the 1920s. It's an old Norman Keep. Just think of the inspiration a writer of historicals could garner from this place. I would love to explore it. *sigh* Maybe another time.

The next three pictures are just beautiful scenery. As you can see, Ireland comes by its nickname honestly. I'm not much of a country girl, but this scenery does make me wish I could see it in person.

I hope you enjoyed this small photographic tour of Ireland. I had a hard time picking out just a few pictures for today. Maybe someday, I'll go myself and take my own pictures.

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