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Thursday, March 19, 2009
Thursday's Thoughts
I miss Thursday Thirteens. It used to be one of the few days I looked forward to blogging. Of course, figuring out what to blog about that had thirteen things attached was difficult sometimes, but I loved the challenge.

Right now, I'm deep in the middle of my latest WIP, tentatively titled "The Scarred Heir". I've spent a major part of the last few days researching poisons and antidotes throughout history. So, in memory of Thursday Thirteens and because I can, here's a list of thirteen poisons used throughout the ages (in no particular order).

1. arsenic - odorless, tasteless and, until 1836, difficult to detect
2. wolfbane - pretty flower, but poisonous even to the touch
3. foxglove - I used this one in Gypsy Legacy: The Duke; another silent killer
4. cyanide - from the descriptions this causes a very painful death
5. hemlock - Socrates probably died completely alert as his body just shut down
6. belladona - in Victorian times, women put this in their eyes; many eventually went blind, but it also killed
7. toadstools - these cause the shutdown of your liver and kidneys, then eventually the rest of your body, too
8. mercury - to think doctors prescribed solutions with mercury in it in the 19th century
9. nightshade - there are two types of nightshade, pick the wrong one and you die painfully
10. digitalis - distilled from the foxglove plant, in the right dosage it can be helpful, but during the Regency and Victorian periods, it most often killed
11. chloroform - sickly sweet smelling liquid used to render people unconscious, but as with many discoveries, can also be used to kill
12. laudanum - anesthetic distilled from the opium plant; it was used for every ailment under the sun during the 19th century, but also used to kill
13. peach pits - I haven't found much on what happens except that if you crack open the pit of a peach and dig out the stuff inside, it is extremely toxic; death is very painful as the poison works its way through the digestive system

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