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Thursday, March 26, 2009
A very big word -- for a very big person. Too bad there aren't many big people around these days. Today there is an excuse for everything. Unfortunately, it means no one is responsible for anything.

It occurs to me that we are allowing our children to be irresponsible. If they don't like what we serve for dinner, they go to the fridge and get something else. If they don't do their homework, well that's just how kids are. If they make promises and the break them, well we just can't expect that much of teenagers. And, when they are adults facing a judge for a crime--that's when they blame their upbringing for "making them do it."

Nothing is anyone's fault anymore. And, it's a shame.

Even companies get in on the act. If you have a car accident, heaven forbid that you should admit it was your fault and offer to pay for the damage to the other person's car. Your insurance company would drop you like a hot potato, or raise your rates so high that you'd drop them. It begs the question - why am I paying an insurance company to cover my little "oops" if, when I need an "oops" covered, they want me to say it wasn't my fault to keep them from paying? Isn't that what insurance is for? Apparently not to the company. From my perspective, having insurance is paying for something you pray you'll never need. Throwing good money to the wolves. (*steps off of soapbox*)

Are we really teaching our children responsibility these days, or are we allowing them to get away with anything and everything in the name of giving them freedom. Freedom doesn't come free, easy, or cheap. We need to stop selling our children short and teach them that some things in this world are their responsibility and it's time they stood up for it.

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