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Friday, March 20, 2009
Reading and Writing
I’ve been reading a lot lately. In between trying to finish my latest Regency, I’ve also been reading all of the new Love Inspired Historicals I can get my hands on. I’d love to write an Inspirational Historical, but. . .and here’s the problem. I haven’t liked many that I’ve read. I finish them because I want to know how the story ends and how the conflicts are resolved, but about 3/4 of the way through the book, I start skipping whole passages in an effort to get to the rest of the story. The most recent one I read. . .in the end I didn’t even like how the conflicts were resolved. So, why do I keep reading them?

Because I can learn even from something I don’t like. When I’m not invested in the story, I’m more likely to pay attention to the writing. I don’t feel bad dissecting it, analyzing the structure and style rather than the story. It also helps me to understand what it is about the book I don’t like. Sometimes, it’s not really the story I don’t like, but the writing style of the particular author. The story I finished today was the second one I’d read by this particular author. I’ve decided that as much as I’d like to know what happened to the rest of the family in the series, I won’t pick up any more of her books. It really wasn’t the story I didn’t like, it was the writing style.

Since I started writing, I've discovered that I'm impatient. Unfortunately, that doesn't translate into my own writing. Too often, my CP tells me that my middle is dragging just a bit and I need to pick up the pace. I have to shake my head when that happens, because I'm usually remembering that the reason I didn't like the last book I read was because the middle dragged. If I don't like it in someone else's book, I have to learn not to do it in my own.

I'm learning.

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