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Monday, March 09, 2009
My Kindle
Last week I treated myself to a new look. Not for me - for my Kindle. Now, I know there are quite a few ebook readers out there, and some people swear by each one for different reasons. I will admit, though, that I bought my Kindle because it was the best deal going when I was looking - considering all it had to offer. And, now that I have it, I have fallen in love with it. So, when I found the Decal Girl site, I couldn't resist the urge to "dress it up" just a bit. The result is below.

Not only does the "skin" look gorgeous, but the accompanying screensaver is the icing on the cake and just looks great with it. And, it was easy to apply. I have to admit that I love the way the screensaver and the "skin" are continuous. I hope you can see how well the pattern continues off the screen and onto the Kindle. I'm enjoying its new look so well that I may start carrying it around without the case.

I can't wait until the same skin is available for my blackberry.

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