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Wednesday, March 04, 2009
We are now one week into Lent - the Season of 40 days before Easter. This is a time of reflection and renewal during the church year. It is a time when we look inside ourselves and take stock of our lives and our relationship with Christ. Are we growing? Are we serving? Are we just surviving?

As we watch Spring unfold around us at this time of the year, it should remind us that Easter is about life and as we move toward Good Friday and Easter, we can embrace the gift God has given us.

Monday's Devotional on A Slice of Infinity was particularly apt so I'm going to steal a paragraph, but I encourage you to click on the link and read the entire post.

In part, Jill Carattini wrote: . . .I am grateful for the season of Lent. The time leading up to the promise of Easter and the hope of resurrection is something like the early signs of spring. Indications of new life spring forth all around us, each with the shocking call that we must prepare ourselves for what is coming, reflect on the place of hope via the road of suffering, and face the forces and temptations that come at us along the way. It is not always easy to prepare our hearts for the Cross of Christ, but the changing of seasons is upon us, and God beckons us forward. Henri Nouwen describes the tension eloquently: “The season of Lent, during which winter and spring struggle with each other for dominance, helps us in a special way to cry out for God’s mercy.” For forty contemplative days, the season of Lent calls us to the wakeful awareness that we are human, we are dust, and we are falling short, but that there is a story reaching beyond our lifetimes, our deaths, and our shortcomings, speaking new life where death stings and tears flow.

Are you ready to greet the new life Christ has for you? You still have 33 days to get ready.

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