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Tuesday, March 03, 2009
Churches in Germany
I love churches. Especially very old churches. Whenever I travel to Germany, I go into many places, but it's the churches I love the most - and not just because of my own faith. I think it's because I'm in awe of what people can do when they have a passion for something. In medieval and renaissance churches, I see the passion, the reverence, the bone-deep faith in God. I'm sure that not everyone who helped to build a church had such deep faith, but the detail and excitement for the finished product comes through regardless.

Many places in Germany were destroyed during WWII - among them churches. The amazing stained glass windows, the intricately detailed carvings, the flying buttresses, columns, etc. Many are lost for good, but those that remain are an inspiration and testament to the people who spent their life's blood creating such beautiful structures.

Some of the oldest places are the most beautiful in Europe. They are a living reminder of people whose spirit, determination, creativity, and inspiration pushed them to new heights in their times.

As a writer, I appreciate the legacy.

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