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Thursday, February 26, 2009
Thoughtful Thursday
I suspect that Thursdays will be a lot like Mondays with my thoughts dwelling on much the same things throughout the week. So, on this first Thoughtful Thursday, my thoughts turn toward the helpless among us - the children.

I know I shouldn't read too much news - either the paper form or on the Internet, because my attention is most often caught by those stories that involve children. And, the media being what it is, most often the news regarding children is not good. So, I read story after story about children being abused, murdered, abandoned, etc. It breaks my heart to read it and I wonder why people bother having children if they can't love them - or why more aren't put up for adoption.

I don't consider myself overly emotional, but a story about a child can reduce me to tears. I'd prefer the tears to be of joy, such as when I read about a child who has beaten the odds gone on to achieve, but too often they are of intense sorrow for the pain a child has suffered.

What about you? What are your thoughts on children today?

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