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Saturday, January 10, 2009
Late again!
I meant to get out here and post something fun yesterday since it was my birthday, but I never made it. I did have a good day - after I left work.

Having a birthday so close to Christmas means that by the time it rolls around everyone is "shopped out" so I usually get money or gift certificates. This year was a little different.

My sister took me out to lunch and paid for my membership renewal in a local club as her birthday present. My mother-in-law sent me money - she always does and I usually don't waste any time spending it. In fact, an hour online at my favorite catalog store and much more than she sent me is gone. My daughter sent me an Amazon gift certificate. I added it to the one my hubby gave me for Christmas and now I'll be downloading stuff to my Kindle for a while without worrying about the credit card. My son probably gave me the best present. He hates shopping, so when he agreed to go shopping with me that afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised. But, he was very patient while I tried on stuff and dithered over colors and searched racks in pursuit of the perfect coat, skirt, blazer, etc. After all that, I only came away with two skirts - which he bought for me. Life is good.

I'm not one to dwell on getting older, nor am I very sentimental about it. I love having birthdays and celebrate each milestone as it passes and look forward to the next.

I'm already behind in my goals for the new year. I'm still working on those revisions, and now I can add the galleys for my next print release to the list of things that must be done soon. *sigh* It never ends.

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