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Thursday, October 30, 2008
Thursday Thirteen #43

Unique Enterprises is the umbrella company for By Grace Publishing, an ePublisher that publishes sweet, often Christian, romances, and Moonlit Romance, which publishes more traditional romances. Due to unforseen circumstances, they will be closing their doors at the end of this year. If you love sweet or traditional romance, some with a faith element, I would encourage you to go and check out their offerings before they are gone for good.
So, for today and future Thursday Thirteens, I will be showcasing their offerings.

1. Another Place by Sheila Holloway
Susan Riley has lost her faith. Not in God, but in her fellow Christians. She's also lost her job, and is forced to take a position as a clerk in a convenience store.
Bill Foster lost his wife, and has come to the sleepy town of Sutter, Oklahoma to forget his old life. He needs another place to call home, and another chance at love.
Can Bill show Susan that God's people are full of love, and acceptance?

2. Tall, Dark and Daddy by Shara Jones
When Texas widower Rick Lawson needs a temporary nanny, he hires Angelyn Winters, a widow dead-set against remarrying. A deft hand with his son, home and his heart, will she be the woman that could make him reconsider his one hard and fast rule – never fall in love?
Angelyn wanted it all – the “Cinderella” package; loving husband, happy children and a happy home. A tragic accident robbed her of that dream until she meets TALL, DARK AND DADDY, Rick Lawson. Can she settle for the temporary nanny position or will the temptation to test his ‘rule’ prove to be irresistible?

3. Ten Thousand Angels by Mary Eason
Matt Stevens might be a genius when it comes to creating the best security software programs around but his personal life is a wreck. Three years ago, he walked away from life and all the things that mattered to him after his son’s death. The only person who had come close to reaching him was the old woman that rented his cabin. But then Rachel Bowers had died. Alone--without the granddaughter she loved by her side.
When Kate Alexander arrives on his doorstep, Matt is ready to dismiss her as simply an ungrateful child until she faints in his arms and he learns that she is pregnant and struggling to keep from losing her baby. Is Kate’s arrival just a coincidence? If so then why does he feel alive again for the first time in years? Or could her very presence there be proof that there is such a thing as second chances after all? If so then what does that do to all of his doubts?

4. One Small Spark by Muncy Chapman
Although their first meeting is confrontational, Lauren Delaney cannot suppress an undeniable attraction to businessman Craig Hightower. But daily confrontations with Zoey, Craig’s rebellious teenage daughter, warn Lauren that a relationship with this man could produce more problems than she wants to add to her already complicated life.
Can Lauren hope to ignite a spark that will change the misguided mindset of a determined fourteen-year-old, or will Zoey’s unruly behavior extinguish the tender flame of affection that is growing between Lauren and her father? Can that one small spark spread its warmth to include even delinquents like Zoey’s friend, Tony? Perhaps, but it would take a miracle!

5. Romancing Jenny by Meg Allison
Jenny wants a little romance in her life, but her current boyfriend, Mark, is gorgeous, sweet and romantically challenged. Give him up or put up with it? Jenny has to decide if romance is more important than true love.

6. Brides and Bouquets Anthology (2005)
Crystal Can Break by Linda Lattimer
What happens when your mother announces she's marrying again?

The Best Man for Kristie by Rebecca Goings
What do you do when you meet the perfect man, and you aren't?

Sukie's Dance by Laura Hamby
How to cope with your sister's your ex-boyfriend?

7. Brides and Bouquets Anthology (2006)
At First Sight by Laura Hamby
Whitney Adams, the fourth sister of five, has been waiting patiently for her Mr. Right. Her greatest hope is to find a man who is perfect for her. Thanks to a power outage that leaves her stranded in an elevator with Brad Wright, Whitney finds her Mr. Right and discovers love at first sight.

Jack and Jenny by Rebecca Ruger
When the man Jenny Barrie has secretly loved for years asks her for a huge favor that will put her in his close company for many weeks, she has no idea how she'll be able to keep her heart from being broken. But Jack McKenna has a secret of his own that he'd love to share...

Bride’s Maid in Heaven by Lyndell King
Janie is at her wit’s end. Just two days before her twin sister’s wedding, the flower girl has chickenpox, there’s vomit on the imported napkins, and the bride’s face is sunburned. Can Janie overcome the hurdles to salvage her sisterly bond, snag the best man and survive the wedding, all while wearing a pink meringue bridesmaid’s dress?

8. Brides and Bouquets Anthology (2007)
Something Old, Something New by Laura Hamby
What’s a gal who’s been jilted at the altar to do? Feel sorry for herself? Or reach for her cake? When Liza Dearborne meets bakery owner Marcus Sutton, he obviously has what it takes to make her bread rise. Will Liza let go of something old to attain something new?

Something Borrowed By Deb Kinnard
“Eagle” Scott Delaney is a young woman’s dream. With everything to offer, he fears he’s incapable of falling in love. “Turtle” Leah Tillman has felt inferior to her lovely, accomplished sister all her life. Thrown together as attendants to her sister’s wedding, this mismatched pair borrow something--God’s grace to seek happiness together.

Something Blue By Lyndell King
Pastor Nathan awaits his version of Gideon’s fleece before asking his childhood love, Petra, to marry him. But a self-righteous businessman, savior of their village, asks her first. It’ll take an ugly town fountain, an irate Irishman and homicidal high heels to prove God really does work in mysterious ways.

9. Brides and Bouquets Anthology (2008)
Meant to Be by Laura Hamby
The Foothills, New York is the perfect place to heal body and soul after a tragic car accident. Bereft of family and fiancé, Libby Kelton isn’t looking for romance. Neither is Clint Murray. But when they meet at an anniversary party, they discover that some things are meant to be.

Dream Wedding by Sherry Jones
Las Vegas wedding planner Lara Reynolds’ broken child- hood shattered her belief in fairy tale endings. Can she find her happily-ever-after with mysterious and tightlipped Javier Villa?
Determined to protect the woman he loves, will his secretive life destroy her fragile bond of trust, or will he pull off the perfect Dream Wedding?

The Confetti Countdown by Judy Jarvie
Felicity Truro’s diary is fast filling up with problems. First there’s the ugliest bridesmaid’s dress in the world, then there’s her sick aunt’s serious secret. But it’s Rod McAllister, the handsome firefighter best man with attitude, who’s melting her willpower and frazzling her nerves the most.
Can Flick survive being a bridesmaid for the eleventh time whilst falling for the groom’s aide for real? And how will she cope when Rod needs a stand-in and she’s promoted to top of the candidate list?

And, since tomorrow is Halloween, a few spooky offerings.

10. Out Of The Shadows (Halloween Anthology 2005)
The Haunting of Sarah Dyson by Shara Jones
Someone is determined to scare historical researcher, Sarah Dyson, to death! Can she trust antiquities dealer, Robert Townsend to help or will he, the man she's falling in love with, be the death of her?

A Nice Cup of Tea by Sheila Holloway
Is it an old home remedy, or a portal to the past? Katherine Rayburn gives Grandmother's Healing Tea a chance to cure her of her ailments, but gets much more than she bargained for.

Haunted By Laura Hamby
Alisanne Sommers is haunted in more ways than one. However, it's not so much the ghosts of the dead who haunt her as it's one living, breathing, breath-taking man. Remy Beauvais: he stole her her heart years ago and never gave it back.

11. From Darkness (Halloween Anthology 2006)
In From the Cold by Sheila Holloway
A breathy whisper. A misty form on a stormy night. When Veronica Lowe inherits the old family plantation house, she doesn’t expect to be the heir of two dashing spirits too. Will she be able to stay out of harm’s way as they try to get her attention? What about handsome JB Spears? Can her heart stay intact in his presence?

Cue Me In by Nell Dixon
Fae Heath wants to be on T.V. but not just in any show. She wants to be on Ghost UK, the leading show on supposed paranormal activity. She intends to win the competition to find a new presenter. Tall, slim, blonde and with a fabulous pair of boots, how can she fail?

The Return of the Unwelcomed by Linda Lattimer with Suzanne Lattimer-Weaver
Brandi was certain she had seen the last of the boy who melted her teen-aged heart ten years ago, until Rob rides back into town and into her life. The town doesn't want him back, but a drifting spirit is determined to find a way to bring them together forever.

12. After Dark (Halloween Anthology 2007)
Out in the Bayou by Sheila Holloway
Cassandra Stafford only wanted to research the ghost lights of Bayou LaGrande, not fall in love. However, after meeting Cliff DePriest, escaping harm from gator poachers and discovering the spirit of the swamp, she can’t help herself.

In the Fog by Laura Hamby
A haunted lighthouse located on a supposedly haunted point in Maryland. Two people drawn out of their own times into the past. What’s going on in the fog of October?

Familiar by Meg Allison
Sometimes things can be too FAMILIAR.
Penny Brown returns home to West Virginia hoping to get a fresh start.
But a ghost in the kitchen and prophetic dreams make her homecoming feel a bit spooky. It doesn't help that she's falling in love again. Could it merely be déjà vu?

13. Haunted Hearts by Jessica Raymond
Beth Albright returns to Buckinghamshire country-house Hoblington Grange to perform a paranormal investigation, unaware that her client is Sam Aston-Wilkes, her first love.
The house seems almost alive, and its eerie atmosphere only grows when, during a storm, Sam reveals the heartbreaking truth about why he broke up with Beth. He is determined to protect her by any means, even if he can’t protect himself, yet all she wants to do is solve his problems before the portentous investigation deadline that could cost Sam everything runs out.
Her doubts about whether she can fix the shattered heart of the man she never stopped loving grow as the forces of the Grange, both past and present, close ranks to influence Sam and Beth’s destiny. Will they make it, or will their love be doomed to fail, like those who have gone before them?

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Blogger ~Just Me~ said...
Looks like you're going to be busy!

Anonymous Alice Audrey said...
Not my kind of Romance, but I think it's a very good thing to support small press/ epub.

Anonymous Aniqueanik said...
nice list ! thanks for sharing it with us. Happy TT! mine is up now. :) Happy Halloween too.

Anonymous Nicole Austin said...
I hate to see publishers closing. How sad! A lot of businesses are having a difficult time in this economy.

Blogger SandyCarlson said...
That's too bad they're closing. Bless you for promoting their work.

Blogger Michelle said...
Great list of books. That's sad to hear this company is shutting their doors. I'm hearing this more often these days. Happy TT!

Blogger Adelle said...
I'm sorry to hear of this closing. I hope all of the authors find new homes for their work.
Thanks for sharing.
Happy Halloween!

Blogger Becka said...
Hey Denise, how'd you come about this news? I don't see any announcement on their websites or message boards...

But then again, I'm always the last to get the memo on any kind of info. LOL


Anonymous colleen said...
I haven't heard of any of them. I love to see authors getting their work out there. Authors need books like artists need canvases.

Anonymous Celticlibrarian said...
Are they closing due to the economy, or the thing, do you know?

Thanks for the list.

Blogger The Gal Herself said...
Tall, Dark and Daddy is a great title. Sorry to hear that these writers are losing an important outlet. This economy is hurting everyone, isnt' it? (Thanks for visiting my TT)

Blogger JO said...
sad to say I don't really have the time to read books anymore...

Here's my TT # 52. Thanks!

Blogger forgetfulone said...
I don't usually like Halloween stories, but number 10 sounds really good. Number 2 sounds interesting, too.

Blogger Danica/Dream said...
What sad news... I haven't read any of their books, but it's always a sad day when a publisher closes its doors.

Blogger Gattina said...
I don't know any of these books, lol !

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