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Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Thursday Thirteen #39

Thirteen Characters from The Duke
Book Two in my Gypsy Legacy series releases next Tuesday. So, today I'm going to give you a peek at some of the characters in the book.

1. Lady Felicia Collings - The heroine. She's nineteen, feisty, a crack shot, and (usually) not afraid to speak her mind. She's intensely protective of Davey, and has a secret she's told no one.
2. Bertrand (Brand) Waring - The hero. Kidnapped from his home at age eight, he's back to discover who did it and make them pay for his brother's death. A wife would only get in the way of his search. And, he's sure Felicia wouldn't fit the bill anyway.
3. Davey - The nine-year-old grandson of the family cook. Felicia knows a secret about him that she's willing to sacrifice herself for. Unfortunately, she's trapped into marrying Brand while trying to save Davey and his secret.
4. Jon Kenton, Earl of Wynton - Felicia's half-brother. As protective older brothers go, he's got it covered. But, when he has to force her to do something for her own good, he has his own doubts about the outcome.
5. Lorraine Kenton, Dowager Countess of Wynton - Jon's grandmother. Still bitter over the loss of her entire family in less than a year, she comes to the rescue when Jon needs a hostess to help plan and execute Felicia's wedding at his estate.
6. Lord Edward Waring - Brand's half-brother. He's half in love with Felicia, and helps her steer clear of his mother.
7. Emily Waring, Duchess of Warringham - Edward's mother who has labeled Felicia as nothing more than a "gold-digging lightskirt," and that's when she's being nice!
8. Eliza Waring Cookeson, Countess of Barrington - Brand's sister, and Edward's half-sister. As far as she's concerned, Felicia walks on water.
9. Tina Kenton Collings, Marchioness of Thanet - Felicia's older half-sister. She's on a belated honeymoon for most of the book, but plays an important part near the end.
10. Jay Collings, Marquis of Thanet - Felicia's half-brother. He and his wife, Tina, return from a belated honeymoon near the end of the book to help solve a mystery.
11. Lord Jeffery Caverdown - One of many suitors for Felicia's hand before she marries Brand. He's not a good loser.
12. Geraldine (Geri) Hartwell, Countess of Weston - Friend and confidante of Felicia. She provides needed support and advice, some of which Felicia actually follows.
13. John Waring, Duke of Warringham - Brand, Eliza, and Edward's father. He is vindicated when Brand returns because he'd refused to consider Edward his heir.

Gypsy Legacy: The Duke arrives on virtual shelves next Tuesday from Samhain Publishing. You can read the blurb and an excerpt here.

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Blogger bernieg1 said...
Sounds like a great book! I am a tad older than 19 and not sure I could relate but I love a good mystery.

You can visit my TT here.

Anonymous Julia said...
Hey, the book sounds great, I might take a look at it. Thanks for sharing and giving this good subscription of the characters.

Happy TT, greets

Anonymous Lori said...
Sounds like a great cast of characters. I'll have to keep my eye out for this one.

Blogger Kealie Shay said...
Great list. They all sound interesting.

Thanks for stopping by my list today.

Blogger Yasmin said...
Hello and Happy to find out more about your book.

Blogger Michelle said...
Sounds like a great book. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by my place.

Anonymous Celticlibrarian said...
Sounds good to me. I imagine that the reader discovers Davey's secret at some point, yes?

Anonymous Nicole Austin said...
All of the characters sound intriguing. Congrats on your latest boook release!

I love the inside look into the characters - Thanks! Congratulations on the upcoming book.

Blogger Geriatric Nursing said...
There is nothing I love better than curling up on a rainy afternoon with a good historical romance and hot cocoa. Enjoyed your description of the characters. I'll watch for your book. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Blogger Gattina said...
With all these noble characters it must be a romantic book !
Congratulations !!

Blogger Lyn Cash said...
ooooh, how interesting! you just amaze me. your love of history and romance work well for you, kiddo. lots of characters, but I didn't get lost reading about 'em.

thanks for saying hello earlier. made my day.

Anonymous colleen said...
Did you write this book? I'm curious about the secret.

Blogger the teach said...
You know Denise, one of these days I'm going to get a chance to relax with one of your novels...:)

Anonymous PopArtDiva said...
Denise - this is a great way to pre-promote your book! You a marketing geeeeniuss!

Thanks for stopping by my TT on 13 phrases from TV that have become pop culture!

Blogger forgetfulone said...
Congrats on the upcoming release of Book Two in the series!

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