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Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Sad and Exciting
Well, the day finally arrived. Looking at the state of the basement since June, I don't think I really thought my daughter would finally get herself packed up enough to move out to school, but she did it. Of course she left a huge mess and many more of her clothes than I thought she would, but she has essentially "moved out." She and her brother left this morning with her car packed to the gills. We will pack up what she couldn't fit into her car and follow tomorrow.

Having had both kids living in the dorms this past year has given us a taste of what it's like to essentially be "empty nesters," but this year it will feel very different. At least, last year both kids were still in the same city. After today, it will no longer be true. Both kids won't even be in the same state.

There is no doubt that while the hubby and I will miss her, and the people at church will miss her, her brother will miss her the most. They are truly best friends and she was definitely his anchor. This next year will be a year of growth for both of them. Another stage in life has been reached. It will be interesting to see what it brings.

So, in honor of their leaving this morning - I leave you with a song from my favorite movie: The Sound of Music.

The Sound Of Music 1965 - So Long Farewell via

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