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Monday, July 14, 2008
More than. . .words can describe

There is no way to describe the incredible experience I and my Youth had last week at More Than A Week. . .Equipped 4 Life. It was exciting in so many ways.

Imagine, if you will, 1300+ people (800+ teenagers, 400+ leaders, and assorted conference planners, workshop leaders, directors, and staff) all in one room being led in Worship by an incredibly talented Worship Team/Praise Band twice a day. The 11 kids I took (who normally only sit in the back row of the balcony on Sunday mornings) raced to be first in line to get front row seats.

The speakers were incredible and, with only a couple of exceptions, the kids not only enjoyed them, but understood the messages. The kids came home fired up to do ministry and service. The challenge will be to keep the momentum going and provide the opportunities for growth they will need in the coming years.

I came away energized. I am hoping that we (I and the other four adults who attended) will be up to the challenge.

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