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Monday, June 16, 2008
Monday. . .
WOW! How did it get to be Monday so soon again? Wasn't yesterday Friday. . .or Thursday? My days are running into each other and becoming blurred by reality. Reality meaning life!

It was an eventful weekend. On Saturday I went to a wonderful reception/luncheon in honor of good friends who have been married for 50 years! Fifty years and still very much in love. He sang three wonderful songs to her - there wasn't a dry eye in the place. *sigh* I just know I ought to be able to use Saturday in a book somewhere. It would be a wonderful scene.

Sunday was church and a meeting with parents for kids going to the National Youth Gathering this summer. It's hard to believe it's coming up soon. Three weeks away. I'm excited and the kids are looking forward to it.

So, today I'm back at work and plodding along. Don't know where the weekend went, but I do know that Summer has finally arrived. Yesterday it was 93. Last night I dragged out my ball machine in preparation for hitting the tennis courts to work out. I am so looking forward to working on my strokes and working out my frustrations - not that I have very many to start with. *grin*

In a bit of sad news - a fellow author's (Arianna Hart) six-year-old daughter has been diagnosed with leukemia. They have set up a Caring Bridge site if you'd like to leave her a message or prayer. Please check out little Shannon's site. They caught it early and will treat it aggressively, so they have a good chance, but messages of hope will go a long ways to keeping their spirits up.

Until Thursday - I WILL post a Thursday 13 this week - keep looking up. I once read a poem (doggone if I can't remember who wrote it or the rest of it) that ended like this:
Looking down you see just shadows,
Looking up you see the sun!

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