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Thursday, May 01, 2008
Thursday Thirteen #31
Thursday Thirteen

My daughter will be heading out this fall to graduate school at the University of Colorado at Boulder, so I did some searching on the Internet and unearthed a few facts to compare Boulder to home (Salt Lake City). She actually attended Westminster College here in Salt Lake, but I used the U as comparison because she considered it for grad school as well, but decided she wanted to go out of state instead.

1. Salt Lake City is home to the University of Utah ("The U") (left)
2. Boulder is home to the University of Colorado ("CU") (right)
3. Salt Lake is the larger city with an approx. population of 179,000
4. Boulder's population is approx. 92,000
5. Boulder is higher in elevation at 5,430 ft above sea level
6. Salt Lake is 4,226 ft above sea level
7. Salt Lake is the Capital of Utah
8. Boulder is located approx 25 miles NW of Denver, Colorado's Capital
9. Salt Lake is slightly older, having been founded in 1847
10. Boulder was founded in 1858
11. The U was founded in 1850
12. CU was founded in 1876
13. Both schools are their respective state's "flagship" universities

She had five schools to choose from, but I think she chose a place close to home that looked like home. What do you think?

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Blogger marcia said...
Did she go to the U of U for undergrad

Blogger Robin said...
The resemblance struck me immediately.

Blogger Denise Patrick said...
Marcia - no she didn't. She went to a small Liberal Arts College here in Salt Lake (Westminster College). An excellent school with an excellent reputation, she really loved it. She looked at the U for grad school, but decided she wanted to go out of state.

Blogger Kay said...
It is very similar! I have never been to Salt Lake, but have been to Boulder. I live south of Denver.

She will need to find strong Christian support right away. It's notorious for being a party school.

Blogger Tilly Greene said...
They both look so beautiful, I wish her nothing but happiness while she's there :-)

By the way, yes, I went to Milan earlier this year and am eager to put the research onto paper.

Blogger storyteller said...
I’m relieved to find others who didn’t follow the ‘rulez’ today. Isn’t it wonderful how simple it is to do such research these days? I wish your daughter much success with this decision and her studies. My 23rd T-13 is up at Small Reflections.
Hugs and blessings,

Blogger Colleen said...
Well, congrats to you and your daughter! Both cities look beautiful!

Blogger Joy Renee said...
that was my first thought! the pics look so similar they could be different angles on the same mountain range. she wants to strike out on her own and yet still feel at home. home must have been a good place for her. blessings on her studies.

thanx for visiting my tt re Shakespeare

Anonymous Laura said...
She'll love it - Boulder is beautiful! My husband went to engineering school at CU Boulder.

Anonymous maggie's mind said...
I've been to both cities and really loved both of them because they are both really gorgeous places. Great TT!

Blogger pussreboots said...
Could be. I hope she enjoys her choice. Happy TT.

Blogger Nap Warden said...
Great choice...she will love it there!

Blogger SandyCarlson said...
They do look alike! I hope she enjoys it there. She's blessed with an attentive, curious mother!

Blogger Amy The Black said...
I've briefly visited Boulder and really liked it. It's a perfect college town and I would love to live there. It's a short, nice drive to Denver but has a small-town feel. You need to visit her often!

Anonymous Nicole Austin said...
I love Boulder. It's such a cool, eclectic town. Definitely visit her often!

I hear really good things about Boulder. The Tour Manager and I almost wound up there, in fact.

Hope she has a great experience! I hear good things about the school.

Blogger Linda said...
Both cities look very much alike. I'm sure your daughter will be very happy in Boulder.

Blogger DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...
Thanks for teaching me a little more about SLC and Mile High City!

Blogger Gattina said...
According to your pictures it looks very much alike ! I also think it's good to change town and State !

Blogger alisonwonderland said...
good luck to your daughter! what is she studying?

my oldest will be a senior in high school next year, so she's currently trying to decide where to apply to college. so many options!

btw snow on may 1 is just plain wrong!

Blogger Danica/Dream said...
That's very cool! And if you go out to see her, you can arrange to meet Kay and I for coffee or something. :)

Blogger Malcolm said...
Your theory regarding why your daughter chose the college she did is sound logic.

Blogger Bethany said...
Wow, they are so beautiful! I just stopped by to say thanks for stopping by my TT and to let you know I tagged you for a meme :) Have a great day!

Blogger Hootin' Anni said...
I LIVED near Boulder for over 40 years....she's gonna love it there.

My 13 is a gross group of funny advertisements I made up for fun, and using this week's 'gross' theme for T-13. Hope you can stop by.

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