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Friday, May 02, 2008
More Kudos
The reviewers at Romance Reviews Today have named THE IMPORTANCE OF ALMACK'S as Best Regency Romance of 2007

Now, I have been having a wonderful time digesting this news, but I'm beginning to worry that even though I know I need to work on my writing, I'll never write another book as good as Almack's. It's a daunting proposition, but I hope I'm up to the challenge because I love writing and couldn't imagine what I'd do without that creative outlet. And, as a still relatively new person to the world of publishing, I'm still trying to find a niche for myself.

I will continue to write traditional Regencies (read: no sex) because that's where my heart is, but I have truly enjoyed writing my Inspirationals, too. I think God has laid a charge on my heart to continue to reach out to others through my writing.

Will I ever get a NY contract? Who knows. But for now, I'm enjoying the blessings and the ride.

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Blogger FRIGGA said...
WhoooHoooo! Congratulations, that's awesome! As for never writing something that good agian, don't buy into that. No matter how well a person does, there is ALWAYS room to do even better. :)

Blogger Denise Patrick said...
Thanks, Frigga, I certainly hope so.

Blogger marcia said...
wow I am speechlessmnnb I need to read that I did not know That is soooo Awesome!!!!!

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