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Thursday, April 03, 2008
Thursday Thirteen #27

Thirteen board games my kids and I love to play.
(Some of these are more their favorites than mine, but playing games with my kids is always an adventure.)
1. Risk - the kids can play this game for hours and never tire of conquering each other
2. Monopoly - This and Risk are probably their top two favorites.
3. Triopoly - I bought them this one for Christmas a few years back; they literally spent days playing it while home from school.
4. Chronology - this is my favorite game. It's a history game - what can I say?
5. Clue: Museum Caper - outwitting each other as art thieves; what's not to love about that?
6. Clue - Col. Mustard in the Conservatory with the Wrench; enough said
7. Cranium - another favorite for the whole family
8. Turbo Cranium - when this one came out, we had to have it; now we play it more than the regular one
9. Life - it's less about life and more about outsmarting the game
10. Trivial Pursuit - it's amazing what my kids know that I would have never thought they knew
11. Scrabble - my daughter is nearly unbeatable at this game; last count we had at least 6 versions, including the German version
12. Sequence - it involves cards; my son never goes anywhere without a deck
13. Blokus - if you like Tetris, you'll probably like this one; we are just a teeny bit cut-throat about it

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Anonymous Nicholas said...
I love 1, 2, 6, 10 and 11. I think I'd probably enjoy the others.

Blogger Adelle said...
We play cranium alot, and yahtzee and scrabble. Happy T13!

Blogger Robin said...
I should get Clue, my son is old enough for it now.

Blogger Firefly mom said...
We play most of these, but our family favorite is Scatergories.

And I have to disagree about #6 - it was Miss Scarlett with the lead pipe in the study ;)

Blogger Ivanhoe said...
Nice list! Cranium is my favorite - I have to try the Turbo version.
Thanks for visiting and happy TT!

Blogger the teach said...
Denise, I don't have kids so I only know a few of them. Certainly Monopoly, and Trivial Pursuit. :D

Blogger Alice Audrey said...
I'm not familiar with Cranium, but the kids could do the rest for hours.

Blogger Carolan Ivey said...
We have the Lord of the Rings version of Risk. I never win, but it's great fun. :)

Blogger Dane Bramage said...
I love board games. I've played about half of these. Do you actually play scrabble in German? That's impressive.

Blogger Bethany said...
I love Monopoly and Clue-- great list! Another one they might enjoy is Sorry- the kids at school LOVE that one!! Happy TT :)

Blogger alisonwonderland said...
great list! i love games, and i'm a huge fan of Blokus and Scrabble.

thanks for stopping by! and here's to hoping that spring breaks through in slc soon! :)

Blogger Gattina said...
I only know 3 of them. Monopoli, Scrabble and Trivial poursuite !

Blogger forgetfulone said...
Hmmm. Never heard of Triopoly, Chronology, Sequence, or Blokus, but I've heard of the rest and played most of them. Great TT!

Blogger Cindy Swanson said...
Board games are awesome, Denise! I love Trivial Pursuit, Cranium and Scrabble. I'm convinced families would be better off it we played more games together and watched less TV!

Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my TT. Yes, I did get your e-mail, and plan to respond today. Thanks!

Blogger No Nonsense Girl said...
I'm familiar with most of them!!!!

Happy belated Thursday Thirteen!!!!

Love your list. Monopoly is still my favorite.

Thanks for visiting Got Bible!

Blogger Karla said...
Great list! Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you come again soon.

Blogger Lyn Cash said...
WOW - you have some amazing games listed there - I gotta get that history one. #1 Son will kick my arse on it, but it'll be fun. We're always looking up stuff to see who is right on history - lol.

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