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Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Botany Bay
On this day in 1770, Cpt. James Cook and the HMS Endeavour became the first Europeans to land in Australia. So, a little trivia about their landing place, Botany Bay.

Did you know. . .

. . .that Cpt. Cook originally named the area Stingrays Harbor because of the large number of stingrays they caught there?

. . .that only later did he re-name it Botany Bay because of the large number of plants found there by the botanists on board?

. . .a penal colony was not established there despite that in England when convicts were transported to Australia, everyone talked of them being headed for Botany Bay?

. . .the penal colony was actually established on the site of what is now Sydney because it was determined by Cpt. Arthur Phillip when he led the first fleet into the bay in January of 1778 that the sandy soil there would not support a settlement?

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