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Thursday, March 27, 2008
Thursday Thirteen #26
It has been a while, but I have decided it's time to get back into the swing of things.

Thirteen things I want/need to do between Memorial Day and Labor Day
1. Attend my daughter's college graduation
2. Finish my current WIP
3. Read something fun - I keep buying books, and I'm dying to read them, but I just don't have the time right now; soon. . .soon
4. Travel with 10 youth and 5 other adults to Estes Park, Colorado for a week for the American Baptist National Youth Gathering
5. Start another WIP (or finish another one that's only half done)
6. Start studying my German again (dh wants to go this fall)
7. Help my daughter buy a car
8. Go to the RWA National Conference in San Francisco (I can't wait!)
9. While in San Francisco, visit a great Aunt I haven't seen in almost 10 years
10. Finish edits for my September release (Gypsy Legacy: The Duke releases in ebook format around the same time Gypsy Legacy: The Marquis is released in print)
11. Help daughter pack and move to whichever school she has chosen to go to for graduate school (as of this writing, the field has been narrowed down to two)
12. Get son registered and moved into dorms for his second year of college
13. Hold pool party for Youth to kick off the school year - the kids look forward to this every year and, actually, so do I.


Blogger Angie said...
I really need to do some reading too! I have so many books around, but I never seem to find the time to read them.

Good luck getting everything done!

Blogger Robin said...
I love SF!

Congratulations on your daughter's graduation.

Blogger Adelle said...
Sounds like you have a full plate. My daughter is graduating into highschool this season. She's so excited about dress shopping. Happy T13!

Blogger SandyCarlson said...
It's beautiful your involved in your kids' lives! Good luck with this great list.

I'm so far behind in my reading, it's embarrassing. I hear ya. And to write? Lately, I'm lucky if I hit 100 words let alone 1000. :(

Blogger Julia said...
First, congrats to your daughter graduation college! You must be excited :)

I wish you luck in accomplishment everything you need to do to get done. :) Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you stop by again soon! Have a good day :)


Blogger tommie said...
Great goals.....I hope you can start marking some of these off!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Blogger Toia said...
It looks like you are going to be very busy between Memorial Day and Labor Day. You might want to rest up between now and then.....that's if you have the time. :)

Great TT. Check mine out when you get a chance.

Congrats on your daughter's upcoming college graduation...what a blessing!!

Blogger Cindy Swanson said...
Hi Denise! It's been a while since I've visited your blog, but I saw your comment on another TT and decided to hop on over. Every time you talk about your WIPs it makes me wish I had read something of yours. If you could e-mail me some info about how I could get a review copy, that would be awesome! I'm at

Congrats on your daughter's college graduation. My oldest son will be getting his MBA in May...we're very proud of him!



Blogger Malcolm said...
With all that you have going on, I can understand how hard it is to find time to read. I am working on getting more disciplined in regards to reading myself. I just started a new book and already have the next two ready and waiting.

Blogger baby~amore' said...
Great list of goals - having something to focus on is important and motivating.

My Little Drummer boys

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