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Thursday, January 31, 2008
Fact of the Day - January 31
The year is 1747. The London Lock Hospital opens its doors for the very first time. What's so special about that?

The London Lock Hospital was the first clinic that existed solely for the treatment of venereal disease. It was originally based in a house on Grosvenor Place near Hyde Park Corner, where it was wildly popular, and lasted for nearly a hundred years. In 1842, it moved to Westbourne Grove and was renamed The Female Hospital because another clinic for males only opened in another location.

In 1849, the Lock Asylum for the Reception of Penitent Female Patients (later known as the Lock Rescue Home) joined with The Female Hospital. As you might have guessed from it's name, it was originally set up as a rehab-type place for women who had been treated at The Female Hospital and its predecessor.

Eventually, the two facilities became one and was named the London Lock Hospital and Rescue Home. Over the next 70 years, it expanded to include a maternity unit, genitourinary (gynecology) unit that treated more than just venereal disease, and an ophthalmology unit. During WWII, the facility was used as a Military Isolation Hospital.

It was closed in 1953.

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