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Thursday, December 13, 2007
Thursday Thirteen #24

On this day in 1577, Sir Francis Drake sailed from Plymouth, England, beginning a nearly 3 year journey around the world. In honor of that accomplishment, today's installment is:
Thirteen Things about Sir Francis Drake.

1. He was born in Tavistock, Devon, England around 1540 to Edmund and Mary Mylwaye Drake.
2. He was the oldest of five children.
3. Even though his father was merely a tenant farmer, his godfather was the Earl of Bedford.
4. He went to sea for the first time at age 13 on a cargo barque.
5. By age 20, he was master of the ship.
6. His first voyage to the New World took place when he was 23. He sailed with his cousins, the Hawkins family from Plymouth, England.
7. Around 1563, he and his uncle became the first Englishmen to become involved in the slave trade even though it was illegal in England at the time.
8. In 1573, during an expedition/raid in what is now Panama, he became the first Englishman to see the Pacific Ocean when he climbed a tree in the mountains and spied it from his perch.
9. In 1577, he was tasked by Queen Elizabeth to head an expedition against the Spanish along the Pacific Coast of the Americas. This was the beginning of his voyage around the world.
10. On September 26, 1580, he sailed back into Plymouth and became a national hero.
11. He was knighted by the Queen the next year for his accomplishments.
12. When war broke out between England and Spain in 1585, he became a privateer for the Crown.
13. Sir Francis Drake died on January 27, 1596.
Today's question: Where is Sir Francis Drake buried?

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Blogger damozel said...
Drake has always fascinated me. That's a great concise summary of the man's life. Because blogger won't let me link any other way: The Flatland Almanack (Damozel)

No politics this week---just cute animal videos.

Blogger EHT said...
I love your list. Well done! I'll leave the question for someone else. :)

Blogger Dane Bramage said...
I always have to have my thinking cap on when I come here. And a better question would be who's buried in Drake's tomb? Okay not really. I think he was buried at sea near Panama.

Well it’s TT #60 for me this week. 13 Things I Want For Christmas But Will Never Get!

Stop by and add something to the list!

Blogger pussreboots said...
Fascinating list. Happy TT.

Blogger Nicholas said...
I should know where he is buried, since he is a British national hero. I have a sort of feeling he was buried somewhere in sight of the Pacific Ocean

Blogger Robin said...
He sounds fascinating. What a shame he had to add #7 and spoil my admiration.

Blogger Carolan Ivey said...
Interesting! We just came back from St. Thomas, where there's a roadside monument called "Drake's Seat". It's said he stood on that spot to watch for ships coming into Magen's Bay.

I feel smarter now! Thanks!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
another great list! Hope you have a wnderful weekend!

Blogger Sandy Carlson said...
It's interesting he was involved in the slave trade. I wonder to what extent this ugly business financed English exploration generally.

Blogger Denise Patrick said...
Thanks for everyone's comments. And Dane, you're right. He was buried at see off the coast of Panama. You'll go into my drawing at the end of the month.

Blogger Joely Sue Burkhart said...
Very interesting list--I didn't know most of this. Happy TT! Joely

Blogger Nicole Austin said...
Interesting and informative! Great list.

Happy TT!

Blogger Nap Warden said...
You always have such informative TT's...again, I learned a lot!

Blogger Dragonheart said...
Very interesting! Thanks for sharing those historical facts with us!

Blogger Malcolm: said...
I never realized that Sir Francis Drake had so many accomplishments. The most impressive one to me is becoming master of a ship at the age of 20.

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