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Sunday, November 25, 2007
The White Ship
The White Ship was a vessel owned by Thomas FitzStephen. He offered its services to Henry I to return to England from France, but the King had already made traveling plans. A number of other persons associated with the King, however, took him up on his offer. Unfortunately, the vessel left the port of Barfleur in France in the dark and almost immediately hit a submerged rock and sank. Only one person survived, a butcher from Rouen.

The sinking of the White Ship is significant because among the passengers on board who died was Henry I's only legitimate son. The event changed the course of English history significantly. Upon the death of Henry I 15 years later, England was plunged into civil war between two claimants to the throne: Stephen and Matilda (Maud).

This Day in History: The White Ship sank on November 25 in what year?

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