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Thursday, November 29, 2007
Thursday Thirteen #22

Thirteen Things about Maria Theresa, Empress of Austria

1. She was born on May 13, 1717 to Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI and his consort.
2. Her father spent most of his reign creating alliances and issuing documents (Pragmatic Sanction) to insure that she would inherit the hereditary Hapsburg lands
3. She married Francis, Duke of Lorraine in 1736. By all accounts it was a love match - at least on her side.
4. When her father died in 1740, Frederick the Great of Prussia, refused to recognize the Pragmatic Sanction and invaded Silesia, beginning the War of Austrian Succession.
5. Charles Albert, Prince-Elector of Bavaria, also refused to recognize the Pragmatic Sanction and claimed the Holy Roman Throne as Charles VII. He was Maria Theresa's cousin by marriage.
6. When Charles VII died in 1745, she insured that her husband, Francis, became Francis I.
7. Although technically the royal consort, she was effectively the ruler. In fact, she styled herself Holy Roman Empress.
8. She was the only woman to rule during the nearly 600-year Hapsburg dynasty.
9. She had 16 children in all - 5 sons and 11 daughters.
10. All of her girls were given the first name Maria.
11. Two of her sons would follow their father as Holy Roman Emperor.
12. When her husband died in 1765, she wore mourning for the rest of her life.
13. She died on November 29, 1780.

Today's Question: Who was her youngest daughter?

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Anonymous beth said...
I love your list! I'm a history nut anyway and really enjoy reading about the people who were here before us.

I'm guessing her youngest daughter was Marie Antoinette? Is that the right time frame? I'm going to go look it up now and see if I embarrassed myself :)

Blogger Denise Patrick said...
Wow, Beth! You were fast. And. . .you're right!! You go into my monthly drawing.

Thanks for dropping by!

Blogger Gattina said...
It was Marie Antoinette, she was executed by guillotine at the height of the French Revolution in 1793.

Geez 15 children and I have only one, lol !

Blogger The Gal Herself said...
ALL of this was new to me. Thanks for sharing! And thanks for visiting my TT.

Anonymous Nicholas said...
I was going to say, Marie Antoinette, but I see Gattina and Beth got there before me

Blogger Robin said...
16 children. Yikes... And 11 girls all named Maria. Could you imagine the confusion in calling them in for dinner LOL (as if...)?

Blogger Tempest Knight said...
Great T13! Very interesting! I need to keep this for future reference.

Blogger Adelle said...
Very interesting. Always good to hear about powerful women. Happy T13!

Blogger jayedee said...
thanks for giving the ol gray matter a stir this morning! happy tt!

Anonymous Kat said...
Those are some amazing facts! I wonder if any of us today would wear mourning the rest of our lives. Happy TT!

Well, it would make it easier to get dressed in the morning, and in the dark, wouldn't it?!

Anyway, Happy TT, and congrats on being featured, Denise!

That's a lot of Maria's!

Blogger Michelle Hasker said...
Great TT!
I learned a lot by visiting you today :)

Blogger amanda rae said...
nice list! learned a lot!!

happy tt!


Blogger Carolan Ivey said...
Thank you for the birthday wishes, Denise! :)

Blogger Nancy J. Bond said...
Everything historical is so interesting -- always love learning something new. Happy TT!

Blogger Dane Bramage said...
You know I thought George Foreman was nuts naming his five sons George. But I know it is tradition in some places to name all the girls Mary and then they are laa known by their middle name; Mary Louise, Mary Margaret, etc...

Great list. Informative as always. Thanks for stopping by my ashy T13 about Feet.

Blogger Natalie said...
Interesting stuff. Named all 11 daughters the same thing (first name)?!?!?! That's crazy! There are so many names I like and I'll never get to use them all, I could never give my daughters all the same name.

Come visit my Thursday Thirteen if you get a chance. :)

Blogger Cindy Swanson said...
Hi Denise...great list as always! Thanks for stopping by my TT...and congrats on being one of the featured blogs!

Blogger No Nonsense Girl said...
interesting TT!!! :)

Anonymous Christine said...
Very interesting TT! I love Thursday 13 but I like it even more when I learn something!

SIXTEEN kids? Holy hell. She's lucky to have survived having one back then, let alone sixteen. And when I think what two did to me... Yowch.

THAT is one hell of a lady, despite the rest. Just having sixteen kids. Wow.

I think I'm going to be REALLY thankful for birth control now!

Blogger Helena said...
Wow I just knew the first name of the girl. Very interesting list. I can't imagine giving birth to that many children, What a Mom!

Blogger Babystepper said...
Thanks for the cool information!

Anonymous Ember Case said...
Sixteen kids!!
What a woman.

Blogger Dragonheart said...
Very interesting! Thanks for the history lesson. :)

Blogger Di said...
As to your question, I am going to guess her youngest daughter was "Marie!" How brilliant to give them all the same name...then they don't know when you call them the wrong name. I knew I should have named my dog the same name as at least one of my kids! Then they wouldn't realize that I called them the dog name.

Blogger Malcolm: said...
The answer seems so obvious now that I know it's Marie Antoinette. However, I never would have guessed it. By the way, congratulations on being one of the featured Thursday Thirteeners this week.

Blogger Nap Warden said...
Whoa, 16 children! As Brian Fellows would say "That's crazy!"...

Blogger Leslie Dicken said...
Did you see that you're one of the featured blogs at the Thursday Thirteen site? COOL, huh? :-)

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