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Thursday, November 08, 2007
Thursday Thirteen #20

Thirteen things you may not have known about The Louvre.

1. It was originally built by King Philip Augustus in 1190 as a fortress to protect Paris from invaders.
2. By the mid-14th century, it was no longer needed for defense because Paris had grown up around it and it was no longer on the edge of the city.
3. In 1364, the transformation from royal fortress to royal residence was begun with the remodeling of the interior apartments.
4. After the death of Charles VI in 1422, no work was done on the palace for a whole century.
5. When Francis I took up residence in 1527 it was still a medieval keep. By the time he was through, it was a Renaissance palace.
6. In 1564 Catherine de Medici built the Tuileries Palace. Once finished, it was decided to connect it to the Louvre and create an even larger and grander residence.
7. The Grande Galerie was added during the reign of Henri IV. More than a quarter mile long, at the time it was built, it was the longest structure of its kind in the world.
8. In 1672, Louis XIV moved into his new palace of Versailles. He later invited several artistic and academic groups to take up residence in the Louvre.
9. In 1699, the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture held the first of many exhibits open to the public.
10. As the Louvre was expanded, many famous works of art were brought in to add to the decor, including paintings, tapestries, and sculptures. For many years, these items were only there for the enjoyment of the royal residents.
11. The largest expansion took place in the mid-19th century during the reign of Napoleon III. Two new wings were added and connected to the Tuileries palace, creating a square design with an open courtyard in the middle.
12. In 1871 the Tuileries palace burned down - opening the Louvre's western side and creating the now famous courtyard.
13. The Louvre is one of the largest and, arguably, the most well-known museum in the world.

This Day in History: The Louvre opened for the first time as a public museum on November 8 of what year?

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Anonymous sheryl said...
Very interesting and enjoyable post!
Thanks for sharing those interesting tid-bits.

Anonymous Nicholas said...
I've been there but I never knew those facts about it.

Blogger Dane Bramage said...
Wow. #1 is truly amazing. Who knew invading hordes could be deterred by paintings and sculptures? :-)

My T13 number #55 is up. This week’s 100% stolen idea is about 13 Favorite T.V. Theme Songs I’m betting there are a couple you never heard of. And you can listen to them all! Stop on by when you get a chance.

Blogger Patti said...
Someday I hope to go there!! Thanks for all that information! :) Happy Thursday!!

Blogger Nancy J. Bond said...
Fascinating facts! My daughter visited the Louvre when she was in high school and was amazed. :) Great TT.

Blogger Ann Aguirre said...
I didn't know anything about the Louvre. Thanks for enlightening me!

Blogger Norma said...
Permanent employment for builders! Very interesting.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Very interesting information!! Thanks!
Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by today!

Blogger Morgan St. John said...
Oh man!!! I wish I knew that answer! Hmm. I'm going to say 1908. Then, I'm going to google it and find out what it really is. :D Thanks for visiting my blog!

Blogger Babystepper said...
Some great information! Thanks for sharing your research with us.

Blogger Harris Channing said...
Great list! I'm ready to go!

Blogger Linda said...
Wow, you took TT to a whole 'nother level! Very intelligent post. I'm enjoying browsing at your site.

Blogger Helena said...
I am sure I learned about it at one time or another, but have forgotten, thanks! Helena

Blogger Dragonheart said...
Fabulous list! My humans learned all about the history of the Louvre when they were in Paris last fall. It has certainly had many purposes throughout the years.

Blogger Vicki Gaia said...
I loved the Louvre. I was in Paris last May, and it's always transforming. The glass pyramind somehow adds to the courtyard and sense that the museum will always exists through the ages.

Blogger Cindy Swanson said...
I love TT's that teach me things! I didn't know any of these things about the Louvre. I would love to go to France and visit it, though!

Blogger No Nonsense Girl said...
How did I miss this? When I visited it wasn't there! :-S sorry!!!!

Happy TT, I wish to visit the Louvre one day!!! :)
Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Great history! I've been there and it is amazing!

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