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Monday, November 05, 2007
Susan B. Anthony
One the eve of Election Day, I thought I'd give you a little snippet of the fight for the women's right to vote.

Susan B. Anthony was the second of eight children of Daniel and Lucy Anthony. Brought up within the Quaker tradition, her father was strict, but very open-minded when it came to raising children. While his children were not allowed "toys" and other distractions, he was criticized by other Quakers for allowing dancing. He was a firm believer in personal, mental, and spiritual freedom, and encouraged his children to believe in themselves and their worth.

Susan was a precocious and extremely bright child. She learned to read and write by age three. She did not, however, enjoy her short-lived sojurn at a Quaker boarding school in Philadelphia, where she was sent at age 17.

As she grew, she joined many causes, but almost all touched on women's rights. Her father had been a firm abolitionist and she followed in his footsteps. When she and Elizabeth Cady Stanton met for the first time, they recognized kindred spirits and joined forces. Together they founded the National Women's Suffrage Association.

On November 5, 1872, Susan cast a vote in the Presidential election. History doesn't tell us who she voted for, only that two weeks later she was arrested for this act of civil disobedience and put on trial. Although, she was tried by a jury, the judge instructed them to find her guilty and published an already written opinion upholding their verdict. Can we say 'kangaroo court'?

Today's Question: As a result of her conviction, she was fined but not jailed. How much was the fine and, for extra credit, did she pay it?

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Blogger KimW said...
$100.00 - She never paid it.P

Blogger Denise Patrick said...
Hey, Kim. You're right. The article I read said that the judge knew she'd never pay it, but didn't try to enforce it because he didn't want to be reversed on appeal.

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