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Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Peace leads to War
With the general stability of Europe and settling of borders, many knights had little to do with themselves. Unfortunately, instead of settling down many chose to create petty squabbles among themselves and those around them.

By the late Middle Ages, the concept of "Christendom" was beginning to take hold. The idea of countries being brought together under Papal guidance was a fast spreading political ideology.

"At the Council of Clermont, assembled in the heart of France on November 27, 1095, [the pope] gave an impassioned sermon to a large audience of French nobles and clergy. He summoned the audience to wrest control of Jerusalem from the hands of the Muslims. France, he said, was overcrowded and the land of Canaan was overflowing with milk and honey. He spoke of the problems of noble violence and the solution was to turn swords to God's own service: "Let robbers become knights". He spoke of rewards both on earth and in heaven, where remission of sins was offered to any who might die in the undertaking. [The pope] promised this through the power of God that was invested into him. The crowd was stirred to frenzied enthusiasm and interrupted his speech with cries of Deus lo volt! ("It is God's will!")." (Wikipedia)

And so began, The First Crusade.

Today's Question: Who was this Pope?


Blogger Lyn Cash said...
Now I do know that one (I know so little, so this thrills me) - Pope Urban II was one of few popes who fostered war. I think.

Good post. You know your history a lot better than I do, though, so I'll acquiesce if you say I'm full of it - lol.

Blogger Denise Patrick said...
Woo-hoo, Lyn. You're right!! What originally started as a respond to a call for help for Eastern Orthodox Christians from the Turks, turned into a full-scale attack on the Muslim world.

Sounds a lot like a Christian version of a jihad, doesn't it?

Blogger Lyn Cash said...
YES! - ack

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