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Tuesday, October 23, 2007
The War of Jenkins' Ear
On October 23, 1739 Robert Walpole, Prime Minister of England declared war on Spain. The reason? England wanted a piece of the Atlantic trade and they'd signed a treaty with Spain 10 years before that said they couldn't trade with any of Spain's colonies. To that end, Spanish agents were allowed to periodically board British ships in order to check for "contraband" goods. A scuffle on board a ship turned into an incident and England, which was looking for an excuse to break the treaty anyway, declared war on Spain. The war lasted for nine years, but after 1742 it merged with the War of Austrian Succession.

Today's Question: Who was Jenkins?

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Blogger robynl said...
Robert Jenkins, captain of the ship Rebecca, claimed that the Spanish coast guard had severed his ear upon their inspection of his ship.

Blogger Denise Patrick said...
Woo-hoo, Robyn, you're right!! And, I thought no one would bother to find the answer. Thanks for proving me wrong!

Blogger EHT said...
This is one of my most favorite events in Georgia history that I like to teach. Kids are always motivated when ears are severed.

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