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Sunday, October 14, 2007
Death Week
This week all my posts will be about the death of someone - whether by murder, suicide, execution, or natural causes. I'll post a picture of the person (and the date of the person's death) and you tell me who it is. Good luck!

October 14, 1944


Anonymous Jessie - the lil' sis said...
I'm gonna guess it was Field Marshal Rommel because he looks German. It said that he was forced to commit suicide by Hitler and his regime. It is an interesting bit of history.

Blogger Denise Patrick said...
Yep, you're right Jessie. Some of the accounts I read say that he got caught up in the finger pointing when Hitler was out scouring the countryside for the traitors who were part of the assassination attempt. His widow said he'd never been involved - that it all happened while he was in the hospital, after all, but Hitler apparently didn't believe it. But, because he was so popular, he was allowed to commit suicide to save his family from destitution.

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