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Wednesday, September 05, 2007
Who Am I?
~I was born September 5, 1847.
~My father was a Baptist minister who died in a gold mining camp in California shortly before I turned three.
~My mother remarried two more times.
~My siblings were Frank, Susan, Sarah, John, Fannie, and Archie.
~After an incident when Union soldiers came to my family's farm and beat me up and hanged my stepfather, I joined a Confederate guerilla group.
~After the Civil War, I was shot in cold blood by a Union soldier when I tried to surrender.
~My cousin nursed me back to health and I eventually married her.
~We had four children.
~I was shot on April 3, 1882 in my own home.

Who Am I?


Blogger Morgan St. John said...
Jesse James!!!!
Yippee. I really do love history.

Blogger Denise Patrick said...
Hey Morgan, thanks for playing and you're right on the money there. You go into my drawing this month.

Blogger Jeremy said...
Or did he actually die of old age in 1951 in Granbury, Tx and the whole death in 1882 was Jesse's own hoax? HOOAAAAAAA!!! Only the Shadow knows...

Oh, Wait... He is dead also, darn!

No guess this month ;-)

Blogger Caffey said...
Cool Morgan! That was neat!

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