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Thursday, September 20, 2007
Thursday Thirteen #15

Life and Death on September 20.

Today is my baby sister's birthday. No, I'm not going to tell you how old she is - I want her to still like me when the day is over. But, with that in mind, I thought I'd take a look at:
13 People who were Born or Died on September 20

1486 - Arthur, Prince of Wales
1878 - Upton Sinclair
1914 - Kenneth More
1917 - Red Auerbach
1928 - Joyce Brothers
1934 - Sophia Loren
19 __ - my baby sister

1384 - King Louis I of Naples
1863 - Jacob Grimm
1947 - Fiorello LaGuardia
1957 - Jean Sibelius
1973 - Jim Croce
1999 - Raisa Gorbachyova

Post something about one of the people above (i.e. why are they famous enough that we remember when they were born or died?) and you'll go into this month's drawing, provided it's correct - no making stuff up!

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Blogger Kate Davies said...
I love Jim Croce. His music was a big part of my childhood. Personal favorite? "Operator".

Very interesting TT! It's amazing how many varied people have a connection just by birth or death day.

Blogger Robin said...
Happy birthday to your little sis! She shares her special day with quite a crew.

Blogger Malcolm: said...
Even though I was very young, I remember when Jim Croce died. One of my favorite tunes by him is "Working At the Car Wash Blues".

Blogger Ann Aguirre said...
I always got sniffly whenever I heard "Cats in the Cradle". Neat list.

Blogger Nancy J. Bond said...
Interesting list...and a great idea for TT!

Happy birthday to your sister! That's a great list she shares her big day with! :)

Anonymous Lorelei James said...
My mom loved Jim Croce. She cried when he died...

HB to your sis!

Anonymous Mama Pajama said...
Great list! Thanks for the Gruffalo suggestion. Mama Pajama can always use some variety!!!

Anonymous ellen b said...
That's nice how you left out the year of your sisters birth...

Blogger Denise Patrick said...
That's nice that you noticed, Ellen. LOL I still wanted to be friends with my sister at the end of the day.

Anonymous Nicholas said...
Interestig list. I remembre when Raisa Gorbachev died. Was it really eight years ago?

Very interesting list. As far as your contest- Sophia Loren is a model and actress commonly known for her beauty. Her original name is Sofia Villani Scicolone.

Anonymous Jessie said...
Baby Sis Here! I only knew about Sophia Loren... Wow! I will never think my birthday is just a precurser to Yom Kippur! Thanks Big Sis! Love Ya!

As for Sophia Loren, she's a well known actress of the late 50's, 60's and 70's. She was and still is a very beautiful woman! Check out Wikipedia for a full bio!

Blogger L^2 said...
Great minds think alike! Happy birthday to your little Sister.

Thanks for visiting my TT! :-)

Blogger Denise Patrick said...
Thanks for everyone's comments. Kate, Malcolm, Ann, Lorelei, Nicholas, Erica, and Jessie are all entered into this month's drawing.

Thanks for playing.

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