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Monday, September 24, 2007
Isabeau of Bavaria
So, I told you earlier about this wonderful new book I bought this weekend, so today's history fact comes from it.

France's worst Queen: According to Marsh and Carrick, Isabeau (the gallicized version of Elizabeth) was beautiful, intelligent, sensual, selfish, and depraved. Married to Charles VI at the age of fourteen, it soon became clear that he was going mad. Another source suggests that he suffered from schizophrenia. Despite his madness, she bore him twelve children, four of whom did not survive childhood, and another two who did not survive their teens.

She was said to have taken a series of lovers, including both the King's brother and cousin. She also entertained soldiers of the king's guard. One legend says that she also had young men taken from the marketplace to service her and when she tired of them, had them tied into sacks and thrown into the Seine.

All this could have been done in fun, but she also wielded power. And power, as we all know, corrupts. Probably her single most worst act was signing away her son's birthright when she signed the Treaty of Troyes with the English, which made Henry V of England heir to the French throne.

This Day in History: Isabeau of Bavaria, one of the worst queens of France, passed away on September 24 in what year?

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