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Thursday, August 23, 2007
Thursday Thirteen #11

Thirteen Events That Happened On This Day In History

1. The Visigoths sack Rome, thus ending the Roman Empire
2. William Wallace, the "Hammer of the Scots", is put on trial for treason for fighting against the English king, Edward I. He was found guilty; hanged, drawn and quartered.
3. King Olav IV of Norway died.
4. Galileo demonstrates his telescope for the first time.
5. The future Louis XVI of France is born.
6. France creates the first draft, conscripting all unmarried men ages 18 to 25.
7. Great Britain abolishes slavery in all of its colonies.
8. As a precursor to the First Opium War, the British occupy Hong Kong.
9. The first U.S. national women's rights convention is held in Worcester, Massachusetts.
10. Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe is published.
11. The Austro-Prussian War ends with the Treaty of Prague.
12. The statue of The Little Mermaid is unveiled in Copenhagen, Denmark.
13. Japan enters World War I, declaring war on Germany.

Guess the dates for the events above and the two people with the most correct dates will be entered in my monthly prize drawing.

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Blogger WendyWings said...
Interesting list, I am half Danish so it is nice to know today was the unveiling of the Little Mermaid statue.Happy TT day !!

Blogger cowboytf said...
Proud of #9..Go Women!!

Blogger Malcolm: said...
Interesting TT. It's ironic that #s 7 and 10 occurred on the same day.

Blogger Robin said...
That's quite a day! Very interesting list.

Blogger erin said...
Wow, what an eventful day in history! I'm not even going to attempt to guess those dates. :) Happy TT! My list is 13 words I love.

Anonymous Gabriella Hewitt said...
One heck of a busy day!

Thank you for visiting my TT last week. This week I am thanking my fellow TTer's. Come by and get your thanks!

Anonymous Shonna Brannon said...
Awesome TT!

Blogger Tilly Greene said...
Fascinating list Denise!

#7 grabbed my attention. The V&A has a "thing" going on right now where the museum maps give you a various trails to follow that shows pieces with links to the slave trade. Was an educational path to follow - gold cups to shackles.

Blogger Kuanyin said...
History is full of fabulous, inventive people and drama! Great list! And Happy TT!

Blogger L^2 said...
I love lists like this! It's always interesting to see what happened on specific days in history. And I'm a nerd, so #4 holds a special place in my heart. :-)

Blogger Comedy + said...
First, I love you blog. What a cool way to do Thursday Thirteen. How clever of you. Have a great TT. :)

Blogger Qtpies7 said...
thanks for stopping by my TT.
I would play your history game, but that is the most boring thing to me, sorry! My eyes cross and my brain freezes if I have to learn some sort of history thing, lol.

Blogger tommiea said...
I would totally love to figure out these dates....but packing is still waiting. I am almost finished though!

thanks for visiting my TT

Blogger Lori said...
Wow, great historical info. Happy TT:)and thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous kat said...
Fascinating list, Denise! I didn't know more than half of it... goes to show how much history I know lol

Happy TT'ing! :)

Anonymous Luka said...
Wow! Great list! Happy TT'ing

Anonymous Nicholas said...
I know that #7 happened in 1807 because the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery is this year.

Blogger LadyBugCrossing said...
Excellent list!
Thanks for dropping by!

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