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Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Thursday Thirteen #10

Thirteen Places I've Been This Summer
In the order in which I visited them.

1. Munich, Germany - this was the first stop on a family trip to Germany. It was great seeing places I hadn't seen in many years. I went to school in Munich back in the 70's.
2. Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany - a favorite touristy place to go.
3. Nuernberg, Germany - another place I lived before. I didn't remember the walk up to the castle as being so steep.
4. Rosstal, Germany - a small town outside Nuernberg. We took dd there to show her where she lived when she was two.
5. Regensburg, Germany - one of my favorite cities in Germany. This city on the Danube is just beautiful and old. The history is amazing!
6. Salzburg, Austria - another beautiful, old, historic city with another steep walk up the side of a mountain to a fortress.
7. Freising, Germany - a small city outside Munich. It was our last stop before flying out the next day.
8. Independence Rock, Wyoming - we stopped here on our way to South Dakota on the Youth Mission trip. The kids had a blast.
9. Hot Springs, South Dakota - we ended up spending a couple of days here in a motel. It is a pretty town with a natural hot spring fed public swimming pool. If you're ever in the area, I recommend a trip to Evan's Plunge.
10. Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota - a great historic and touristy place. The kids had a blast here, too.
11. Rock Springs, Wyoming - I detoured on my way back from South Dakota to visit my grandparents' and great-grandfather's grave in the cemetery. I hadn't been there in a couple of years.
12. Flint, Michigan - off to visit the in-laws
13. Frankenmuth, Michigan - Christmas in July! Enough said.

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Blogger Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...
Wow, Denise, what a fabulous summer vacation! My daughter has a passion for travel and has backpacked through many countries. I SO admire people who get out there and see the world.

Really wonderful TT.

This week I've posted 13 mini excerpts from my books. :-)

Blogger Luka said...
color me jealous. I wanna go to all those places! Happy TT'ing! ;-)

Blogger Gattina said...
I am German but haven't seen as much as you from this country ! But the places in America I have been too except of course the two last once.

Blogger Mama's Moon said...
Green - that would be me swimming in envy! How the heck did you manage to travel so much??! Lucky duck, you! Great travels...happy Thursday!

Blogger Malcolm: said...
You are lucky to be able to do so much traveling. Flint is my hometown. Small world isn't it?

Blogger Kate Davies said...
Wonderful! What a great vacation. I'm jealous! :)

I was last in Europe back in '91. I think it's time to go back!

Blogger Tink said...
So close to The Netherlands and you didn't visit my country; missed chance! ;-) Sounds like you had a great summer!
My Tt is about BED.

Blogger Ed said...
What a great summer vacation. I envy you.


Blogger Kristee said...
How Cool! I would love to be able to travel like that. Maybe someday... You have a very interesting blog. I will stop back and read more later.

thanks for the nice comment!
Happy TT!

Wow, Denise, that's a LOT of travel -- I'm quite jealous. I'd love to travel more than we do.

I hope you got lots of inspiration for your writing from all the adventures!

Anonymous MissMelis said...
What a great vacation.

I've been to Mt. Rushmore - my husband's actually from South Dakota, though not that part of the state - and the community orchestra I was part of in high school spent a summer in Germany and Austria (we played in Salzburg).

Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

Blogger L^2 said...
Wow, it sounds like you've had a busy summer! I never seem to get to go anywhere.

Happy TT and thanks for visiting my list.

Blogger erin said...
You've visited some great places! I'm jealous! :) Happy TT!

Blogger Sandra Ferguson said...
What a great summer.

I love everything 'Wyoming'. Even the air smells better.

Anonymous damozel said...
Vacations PLURAL? Sigh.... You are lucky; those all sound like great trips. Being in academia, I have all summer every summer to travel, but never quite enough money to go the places I really want to visit!

Anonymous Nicole Austin said...
What a great summer! I'd love to visit Germany and Austria.

Happy TT!

Blogger Elle Fredrix said...
Wow, someone's had a busy summer. I haven't been farther than the back yard, so I'm a tad jealous.

Blogger J. Lynne said...
And I was all excited that I made it to Target...

Blogger Janet said...
I've not been to Germany yet, but it's on my list of places to visit! So many places, so little time :-)

Glad you had a great summer!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
WOW! Someone was super busy! It sounds amazing, I cannot wait to be able to travel....two more years for school to finally be OVER! :)

Blogger Jennie said...
Wow--what a great summer! I spent most of mine in the UK--of course, it rained every single day during my summer!
Great TT!

Blogger Michelle Hasker said...
Looks like you have had a wonderful summer. Hope this fall/winter sees you having as much fun :)

Blogger jeanjeanie said...
Wow. I'm totally jealous. What a fabulous summer!

Blogger The Tour Marm said...
Were you an Army 'brat'?

Great list and some wonderful experiences.

Thanks for visiting my TT - hope to see you again.

Blogger Denise Patrick said...
Thanks for all the comments. I did have a wonderful summer, but I didn't get as much done as I wanted, so although I loved the traveling, there were times I wished I'd stayed at home.

Daisy - I hope your daughter has many wonderful memories from her trips. I know I do.

Jennie - I want to visit the UK someday, but my dh and I both LOVE Germany and he's not fond of choosing the UK over the Continent, so, maybe someday.

Malcolm - what a small world! My dh's relatives are ALL in the area. He's a McCarty.

Tink - We visited the Netherlands in the 80s. Very nice, but since I speak German, when I have a choice, Germany or Austria it is.

Kristee - please do come back.

And, yes, Tour Marm, I was an army brat.

Blogger Leann said...
Oh what a traveler you are! What a lovely summer vacation... Thanks for stopping by my place earlier today.

Prattling Pastor's Wife

PS. My link at blogspot is my foodie blog. :)

Anonymous Ember Case said...
Sounds like a fantastic summer!n

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I posted the answers to the Rebus puzzle on my TT. :)

Blogger tanabata said...
Your travels in Germany sound great! I've only ever been to Berlin but would like to see more someday.

Blogger Carolan Ivey said...
We've also been to Rothenburg on a tour of the southern part of Germany a few years ago. Wonderful trip!

Anonymous sheryl said...
Wow...what a great/interesting blog you have! I'm so glad you dropped by and commented at my place so I could find yours!
I'll be back with my son to read about your travels.

Blogger Natalie said...
Sounds like you had a great summer full of travel!

Happy Belated TT :)

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