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Thursday, July 05, 2007
A trip down Memory Lane
One of the places we went was a small town called Markt Rosstal. It's an old market town that was founded around the 7th century. In the area around Ansbach and Nurnberg, it is a small, picturesque town that we lived in back in the 80's. We went back to show our daughter where she used to live. She was only 2 1/2 when we left, so she has no memories of the place at all. With no more American forces in Nurnberg, it was a bittersweet trip. So, let me show you around. . .

The town gate leading into the churchyard with the church steeple behind it is part of what was once a fortress that was probably destroyed around the end of the first millenium. Although the present church is only centuries old, it is built over an old Romanesque church.

St. Laurentius was built with the stones from the destroyed fortress, donated by Irmingard von Hammerstein. After her death (about 1042) Irmingard von Hammerstein was interred in "her" church. Although official sainthood wasn't bestowed, she was worshipped as a saint by the locals and the church was a place of pilgrimage throughout the Middle Ages.

The crypt beneath the church reveals its Romanesque origins. The pillars and curved ceiling are known architecture from those times.

The small cobblestone streets with the half-timber houses sporting colorful flowerboxes takes you back into the past. It was lovely to walk up and down streets that I'd pushed my daughter through in a stroller many times. Many of the small stores we shopped at were still there and the Kindergarten (preschool) that I would have enrolled her in had we still been there when she was old enough was still in the building next to the small train station.

We finally walked up the hill to our old home. It looked pretty much the same. We used to live on the second floor. You can see that the third floor apartment has a balcony on the side - ours faced the back, out over a field. A corner of that field now has houses on it. If we still lived there, we would no longer have the view of the field and forest we used to have. The price of progress, I suppose.

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